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Nymfo shares a guide to Dispatch Recordings

Nymfo is one of the drum & bass scene’s most prolific artists. Over the last decade he’s put out a string of high-precision club tracks on imprints like Commercial Suicide, Critical, C.I.A. and Innerground, meanwhile behind the booth he’s become renowned for displaying an unmistakable raw temperament towards 170BPM fare. In recent years he’s become a vital arm of Ant TC1’s peerless Dispatch camp, which has only been cemented with the release of his new jungle-indebted LP, Pictures on Silence. Ahead of joining the label’s Room One showcase at FABRICLIVE on 14th June, he dug through the Dispatch back catalogue to give us his own personal guide to the label.

Marcus Intalex – Stark [Dispatch]

Every set I play needs a Marcus tune. Because he has such an sound of his own which I really like. The chord progression in Stark always really hits me. It's one that only Marcus could do the best. This track is more than seven years old, but is still sounding fresh and clean!

Sabre – Halo Danger [Dispatch]

I remember when I got sent this track, I was really excited to play it. It was because of this classic arrangement, like what Bad Company did in The Pulse. Especially at the time Halo Danger came out, people had stopped arranging in the same way. With the heavy drop on top, it makes this a classic for me 100%.

Octane & DLR – Set Up The Set (feat. Script) [Dispatch]

I’m not a big fan of doing rewinds, but I’ve had to rewind this track so many times. It's just that immense SUB in this track, which blows people away. A horrible track to mix, but worth playing it when it drops!

Zero T – Roxy Music [Dispatch]

Pure vibes! I always like Zero T’s smoother tracks. His drums are always very dirty – not the typical “liquid” style drums. And that in combination which such a beautiful piano riff and vocal is just the one for me.

DLR, Hydro, Mako & Villem – The Formula [Dispatch]

This is proper FUNK for me. And one of those tracks that always goes off if you’re not sure what the crowd likes yet. A very acceptable track for a diverse audience. I still play this a lot!

Cern – Infinite Exchange [Dispatch]

I miss Ollie! A really talented producer who really did his own thing. I have a lot of respect for him, and I’m very pleased that I worked with him several times in the studio. The drum programming in this track is so on point. He always goes really deep when it comes to details, amazing!

Arkaik – No Playing [Dispatch]

Another artist with a very unique sound. I am usually a huge fan of rollers, but this track is very ‘staccato’, which I like a lot. It's one of those heavy hitters you need to drop stone cold, and it hits the people right in the face.

Gerra & Stone – Plates (Blocks & Escher Remix) [Dispatch]

If Photek was still making drum & bass, it would sound like this. What I like the most about Blocks & Escher in general is that they do the reference to the old skool really really well. And they really tell stories with their tunes, that's what I miss sometimes a bit these days.

Xtrah – Disturbance [Dispatch]

I haven't used the term bassface for a while, but this is a proper bassface tune. It's so grimey when it drops, proper gangster. Always a good track to do a double drop with too!

Commix – Daggers Dub [Dispatch]

Less is more is the key to writing a catchy song. Commix did it really well with Daggers Dub. Some nice drums and a pretty simple bassline is all you need when it comes to a dope drum & bass tune.

Black Barrel – Last Frontier [Dispatch]

I can't wait to finally meet this crazy guy I’ve already been speaking to online at fabric. I think he is a robot who never sleeps and always makes music. And the annoying thing about this all is, all his tunes are super super sick!

Friday 14th June

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