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Resident Advisor Share Their Highlights From This Saturday's Lineup

It's a rare thing that one specific musical style takes over the whole of our space in the type of extreme manner that techno will do this coming Saturday night. Partnering with Resident Advisor for their first ever takeover of our club they'll be shaking up the form's dynamic with a slew of impeccable talent including Rødhåd leading Room One alongside Craig Richards, Objekt and Vril and Voiski's all improvised live project Vrilski while Farringdon favourite Function will be heading up Room Two with Ilian Tape dons the Zenker Brothers and the fabric debuts from Headless Horseman and Sunil Sharpe. If we're honest, it's a date that a lot of us here at the HQ have been looking forward to for some time so this week we're getting ourselves suitably excited by checking out some highlights from our guests' back catalogues - as selected by Resident Advisor's editorial team.

Function - Voiceprint (reprise)

Choosing a track to encapsulate Dave Sumner’s 20-plus years in the game is an impossible task, but you could do a lot worse than “Voiceprint (Reprise),” a highlight from his first solo album, which is as catchy as it is beautiful.

Objekt - Balloons

TJ Hertz might not be the most prolific producers, but his hit-rate is second-to-none, no matter which genre he’s dabbling in. Balloons is an electro number that sees him in party mode.

Rødhåd - Oblivion

The track title says it all in this cut from the penultimate 50 Weapons release.

Zenker Brothers: Berg 10

Dario and Marco Zenker’s Ilian Tape label deals in many shades of techno, but the swung rhythm and bubbling melody of 'Berg 10' felt like a real curveball for them back in 2011.

Sunil Sharpe - Owecha

As a DJ, Sunil has been gaining some long overdue recognition outside of his native Ireland, where he’s techno's most celebrated selector. A little less talked about are his production credentials, which, as this maelstrom called 'Owecha' shows, are similarly impressive.

Headless Horseman - Sanctuary

With his Cthulhu-like veil, Headless Horseman clearly has a head for subtle theatrics - something that’s also evident in his productions (such as 'Sanctuary') which marry relentless percussion with a sense of drama.

Voiski - From Sea To Sea

Vril - Vortekz

We’re yet to hear any releases from Vrilski, the improvised live collaboration between L.I.E.S mainstay Voiski and Giegling’s Vril, so it’s tough to know exactly what to expect. But if these two highlights from their respective back catalogues are anything to go by, it’s not going to be something we forget anytime soon.

Saturday 27th February

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