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Roni Size selects his top FABRICLIVE anthems

Roni Size is an eminent selector and studio wizard with two decades of acclaim and achievement behind him. An old friend of ours (he was behind the decks at our 1999 opening night) and about as influential as they come, Size played no small part in bringing the hyperkinetic rhythms of drum & bass, jungle and breakbeat into the mainstream consciousness for the first time. As part of Roni Size & Reprazent, he won the Mercury Prize award in 1997 with New Forms LP, a groundbreaking full-length that would kickstart his illustrious career as a DJ and producer. Working alongside a cadre of innovative collaborators, he’s continued to reimagine D&B and jungle since then, issuing several studio albums and a set of killer singles via Full Cycle, the Bristol-based label he runs alongside DJ Krust. In advance of his return to Room Two alongside Mantra and his label partner as part of James Lavelle’s curated FABRICLIVE XX date, he recalled some of the anthems that have shaped his memories of playing in Farringdon over the years, telling us:

“When I was asked to contribute towards this anniversary, I had to think of significant times when I was at fabric and certain tunes that always set the place on fire. For me, these are the tunes that did that and also helped to establish the artist and the scene for what it is today.”

Reprazent – Trust Me [Talkin’ Loud, Mercury]

Now over 20 years old but this tune was very much in every DJ’s sets when the revival of jungle exploded in the 1990s, and with the genre continuing to thrive today, this one still sounds as fresh as it did back then. Who would have known hey?!

LTJ Bukem – Horizon [Looking Good]

When trying to pick a record by LTJ Bukem, it’s a choice of three for me: Music, Atlantis, and the one I have chosen. The intro sets an atmosphere that when you’re standing pretty much anywhere in the dark corners of fabric, you will always feel like you’re in a rave from the 90s. The long intro and the anticipation of waiting for the drop is Bukem’s trademark, and it never gets old.

Dillinja – It Ain’t Too Loud [Valve]

If you know anything about Dillinja, then you’ll know it’s always bass first. This one is worth its place in the history books. The combination of one of one of the best sound sytems in the world at fabric together with one of the best producers in our genre has been responsible for the loosening and shaking of my whole body! If you have experienced fabric’s sound system and you know Dillinja, then you know what I mean! He’s a heavyweight champ.

Engineers Without Fears – Spiritual Aurora [Dee Jay]

Not a lot of people know about this dynamic duo, but they are responsible for one of my all time favourite feel good anthems, which was released on one of my favourite record labels and championed in fabric over the years. Having this record early was a bonus, but it’s DJs like DJ Ron and Grooverider who bring me the most amazing memories of hearing this record.

Adam F – Brand New Funk [V Recordings]

As a DJ you need an intro, and this track was a creeper. It’s just like a 1970s Blaxploitation movie with A nice melodic intro and pinpoint stabs that then builds into lashing drums, and switches into the slab of brand new funk that it is. This was in my set for over 10 years. I can still smell my fresh Music House dubplate from this one. Thanks Adam.

Optical & Ed Rush – Pacman [Virus]

Without hesitation, I would always choose a duo who I believe never ever compromised their sound. True to their commitment to their sound, this tech-fuelled track was remixed by Andy C, and has recently made a reappearance in my record crate. And to be fair, it was one of the best games to play in the arcade!

Breakbeat Era – Our Disease Tera [XL Recordings]

When making these types of playlists you have to draw for a tune that the new generation has never heard of, and this is one of those that has never been replicated, but for me is still an instant classic. No longer around, Breakbeat Era had a sound that was too early for its time. This track could easily have been made in 2019.

BC – Planet Dust [Prototype]

The era that was influenced by rock and techno produced this anthem for the heads. This record was only meant for clubs like fabric. Dark, dirty and absolutely rolling, this is a record that was made for DJs to shine.

Pendulum – Vault [Not On Label]

Andy C was the first person I heard play this tune, and when I heard this I knew we were entering a new era in drum & bass. The Australians had landed, and this anthem is just one of many I heard get a rewind time and time again. You could really appreciate the production on this track, especially on fabric’s sound system.

DJ Krust – Warhead [V Recordings]

V Recordings changed the game, and this is one of the tunes responsible. The enormous intro for at least three minutes, before it drops into the stepping bassline and that 2-step groove. This was a classic before its time, as I had it on dub at least a year before its release.

Friday 4th October

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