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The Best Of Bad Company, A Crowd Sourced Playlist

On the Friday of this coming Easter weekend we're hosting the first, full reunion of Bad Company UK. That means that yes, dBridge, DJ Fresh, Maldini and Vegas will all be appearing and playing music, new and old, in Room One on Friday 25th March. Understandably this is a pretty big deal for a lot of people, but for fans of exceptionally well produced drum & bass it stands to be a pretty seminal occasion. So, a week or so back we decided that we'd like to know which Bad Company tunes other people loved so we asked our followers which tunes they loved most. We took to our Instagram and Twitter profiles to ask them and then... well, then we extrapolated the results and concluded that these 12 Bad Company tracks are very much the people's* favourite.

* Disclaimer: By 'the people', we mean the small cross section of people who engaged with our social media.

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