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The Best of Shadow Child, According To Ben Pearce

Over the past few years we've noted on numerous occasions how Ben Pearce's incredibly humble demeanour goes a long way in defining how we look at his talent for delivering the very best of addictive club cuts - both in his sets and productions. And, yep, you got us. We totally do still feel a fondness towards his work so it's needless to say we were thrilled to see Ben booked to play Room One once again so we handed him the reins and let him flick through his personal archives for what will be his second contribution to our on going Crate Diggin' series. Having gifted us a superlative selection of African and world music last March, this time around he's suitably paid homage to his good pal and collaborator, Shadow Child by picking what he thinks are the five best cuts from the producer's back catalogue. It's timely considering Pearce joins Shadow Child inside the Room One booth next Friday...

Shadow Child - String Thing

Ben Pearce: The one that started it all I guess... it's still a huge track!

Dino Lenny, Hardrive - A DJ Deep Inside (Shadow Child Remix)

I played this so much when it was first around. It’s hard to do a classic justice sometimes, especially with this track which has been butchered far too many times but Si kills it on this remix.

Body - 88 (Shadow Child x S.P.Y Remix)

Back to the roots on this one, I was guesting on his Rinse show a while back and we dipped into hardcore. My knowledge is far less than his, of course.

Shadow Child feat. Tymer - 23

Another classic. I played a lot of GTA V and I'm sure I used to drive a lot better when this was on the radio. Huge.

Shadow Child & Ben Pearce - Nothing Ever Hurts

This is not a self indulgent inclusion but it's more about the fact that this was a real pleasure to work on. It came about really quickly and I'm so happy with the way it ended up!

Friday 19th February

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