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The Best Of Shogun Audio, According To The Artists

To help celebrate the almighty milestone of reaching a century of releases, the drum & bass powerhouse that is Shogun Audio are releasing Shogun 100 - a four part EP series that is set to feature new music from the label’s artists as well as special guests and former associates. Representative of the label’s future forward and diverse output we’ll be celebrating the release ourselves when we host our own Shogun 100 party in Room One on 08th April which will feature a lot of Shogun regulars and a profile back to back set from the VALVE system master Dillinja and Randall.

In anticipation of the event, with the label reaching such a poignant catalogue number we asked a selection of the artists if they wouldn’t mind picking us one of their favourite records from the imprint’s ample discography…

Rockwell ramps Subwave’s 'Think'

Rockwell: This is probably the perfect roller. I love the way this moves on the bottom end. Also notably, it has strangest hook of any tune that I can remember - it's all about that little bongo fill. Subwave is still one of my favourite producers even though his output has slowed down considerably. Massively underrated and a huge talent.

Friction’s feeling Alix Perez 'Forsaken ft. Spectrasoul & Peven Everett'

Friction: Obviously I'm a fan of all of the tunes on the label but I'm gonna put the spotlight on Alix Perez and Spectrasoul’s ‘Forsaken’. It’s a magical tune!

K-Tee tips Icicle and SP:MC’s 'Dreadnaught’

K-Tee: I’m going for Icicle & SP, ‘Dreadnaught’...The ultimate bassline roller.

Linguistics loves Spor’s 'Aztec'

Linguistics: …because it was the first release that drew our attention to the label. It still sounds sick.

Ed:it picks Spectrasoul’s 'Tempest Dub'

Ed:it: This is one of the first tunes I bought on vinyl. This track will always be a firm favourite from the Shogun back catalogue. Early Spectra production at its best. Wicked vibes.

Proxima plumps for Icicle’s 'Spartan'

Proxima: Such a game changer! I remember him playing me this at his place – it blew the bowtie off my top hat. The little amen tease is a golden move. I should put this in the bag again!

Karma selects Break’s 'Now It's Going'

Karma: I remember buying this EP and constantly playing it. This particular track really resonated with me. I think it was the bass, filter sweeps, rugged drums and well placed samples that made this the ultimate fusion of well-produced drum and bass from the God of groove.

Friday 8th April

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