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Uncovering Leftfield’s Modern Dancefloor Weapons

If we had to draw up a list of the UK’s most influential electronic artists, Leftfield would almost certainly rank near the top.

The British duo’s debut LP Leftism was widely regarded as one of the most boundary-pushing electronic LPs ever after its release in 1995, before founding member Neil Barnes resurrected the Leftfield alias in 2015 following the group's extended hiatus.

While Barnes might be best known for his studio work, he's also a top-tier DJ and record collector. When we invited him to give us an insight into his record bag ahead of his DJ set in Room One this Friday, he went in depth with a list of recent gems covering the entire spectrum of contemporary house and techno.

Eclipse – Trevino [Klockworks]

I first heard Ben Klock drop this moody break driven track by the brilliant Marcus Intalex a few years ago… it was an incredible moment. It’s the type of track that makes you want the second half to go on for ever. Marcus was a lovely guy – sadly he is no longer with us but this track will live on as a testament to his massive talent. I’ve played this record in all of my recent sets, not just out of respect to Trevino but because it’s a seriously brilliant piece of club magic.

Kuar (Henrik Schwarz Remix) – Emmanuel Jal [Innervisions]

An incredible journey. This track is the essence of what I’m trying to do, and sums up why I still enjoy playing records. I normally drop this straight into sets after a techno track, when no one expects it. I love the expression on people’s faces during its gradual build-up. It’s pure African techno, with wicked synths. The only problem is I always want to play the entire 8 minutes in full…

Body Acid (KiNK Remix) – Gingy Bordello

I have massive admiration for KiNK. I’ve been following his career since he started, and he never ceases to surprise me. He’s a brave and adventurous artist, and his live shows are really something to witness. I saw a demonstration he did for Pioneer recently, and it blew my mind. This is pure Acid, but still very funky. It’s another secret weapon that I usually play underneath a track, before dropping at just the right moment (hopefully)!

Rave Oscillations – Micheli Mininni [R&S]

A totally mental piece of house music with massive psychedelic overtones. Michele Mininni first came to my attention through his Tupolev Love EP on Optimo Trax, but this release on R&S is equally creative and out of the box. It samples the band Silver Apples, with beautiful added synths. It’s on the edge sonically, and unlike many records these days it still creates a unique atmosphere. It always bring a massive grin to my face.

All My Love – Hodge & Peder [Peder Mannerfelt]

Hodge is a big favourite of mine, so I felt it wouldn't be right to omit this total banger from him and Peder Mannerfelt. It fits perfectly for me to increase tempos, which I often like to do. It’s an intense journey that totally delivers, but retains a funkiness that’s commonly found in his work. Like many great records from today’s Bristol scene, it’s full of distorted feedback and madness.

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