Don't Forget
In Conversation with Tomoki Tamura

The whole world has been deeply shocked by the tragedy of Japan’s most powerful earthquake and tsunami which struck only two months ago. To do our part the best way we possibly can, we’ve come up with a project that has two goals: to raise money for the earthquake victims involved and to rally some of the biggest names in the underground club circuit in not one but two high-energy music relief raves.

Last week our part one ‘Don’t Forget’ dance marathon with Shogun Audio and Hospitality raised over £18,000. A staggering result donating 100% of the event and bar profits to four charities that we believe are committed to the optimistic future of Japan (information on donating at the end of this interview). Readying ourselves for Round two next week, we hope to see you pledging your support with as much boundless energy and enthusiasm because we have got the big dogs rolling in – from Carl Cox to Adam Beyer and John Digweed plus Maya Jane Coles, Geddes and the HOLIC crew. The line-up is hard to swallow we know…

We pinned down Tomoki Tamura of HOLIC to find out what Don’t Forget symbolizes for him, coming from Japan, how legendary clubs like Womb and Eleven have been affected and why he believes music and charity go hand in hand.

Hi Tomoki, thanks for chatting with us today…Tell us about your involvement with Don’t Forget and what you hope to achieve collectively with the other artists involved from the night?
Firstly me and Taka (Taka runs HOLIC with me) really appreciate being involved in ‘Don’t Forget’ at Fabric. The night really means a lot to us as we are both from Japan and know friends and family that have been affected by the Earthquake. When I decided to do a charity event, immediately I thought the best venue for this night is Fabric as the most important thing is to raise the funds, spread charity action & let the world to not forget this disaster. The line up is huge from world's top DJ’s to London’s local stars and I am glad that all DJs are happy to join this project.

What does Don’t Forget stand for you personally?
It is a very big thing; Fabric is one of the most influential clubs in the world so I believe lots of events are happening for good cause at many countries after this event. I think the club culture has got so much power and possibilities but some people might think it only has negative doesn’t. We could make great things for the world and it is the time to show it to people.

Why is it that music and charity go hand in hand?
I think music and charity go hand in hand because they connect us together and people feel the same emotional connection to music as they do to charity. Music lets us express how we are feeling and it is a great way to raise money for a good cause. I’ve played at fabric a few times and to me fabric is probably the best club in the world, it has a fantastic sound system, a unique vibe and the best DJ booth of Room One. fabric is the perfect venue and the perfect place to show that London & club culture cares about Japan.

Let’s talk about what you’ve been up to recently. We heard HOLIC will be launching their very own label soon….
I am writing this interview at KL in Malaysia now. I have been touring for Japan, Malaysia & Korea for a few weeks. I guess lots of people are worried about clubs in Japan right now but NO! I was DJing for WOMB Tokyo &S tar festival in Osaka and both of them were packed and top nights so far..Yes we are working on launching HOLIC label now and we can tell you more about it soon.

Tell us about your new single, ‘Frustration’ on Plastic City? Have you been spending lots of time in the studio lately…
Yes I am trying to spend more time for studio right now, it is sometimes difficult on top of DJing & running my night HOLIC. It has been released since a few days ago, singer Kemi has given us a great vocal line. It is very simple and works really well for dance floor action.

What’s the clubbing culture like in Japan today, what exciting things are taking place and how does it compare to the big smoke?

The Clubbing culture in Japan is not like the big market of London but it is quality and that’s why lots of international DJs love it. At the moment in Japan so many DJs have cancelled their gigs after the earth quake and new club licensing laws mean that many clubs are finding it hard to survive. But it's not all bad news, the crowds are fantastic and clubs like Womb and Eleven really appreciate the artists who have come over and played in Japan since the earthquake.

I think the support from the clubs and DJs in the big smoke shows how the clubbing culture is universal. I greatly appreciate the love that the DJs have shown by playing at this event and others like it, I hope that Japans recovery will continue to gain the attention it deserves.

What makes a HOLIC party memorable?
At a HOLIC party we try to make the night memorable by playing great House music to a fantastic loyal crowd. We love all types of house music from Disco to Techno and we only invite artists who we admire and respect, our line-ups normally contain a mix of legendary DJs and fresh upcoming artists. I think if we stick to this mix of great DJs in great venues, the crowds will continue to make the party memorable.

When you’re not making or playing music, what’s your preferred pastime?
I have not done for a while but I love to play tennis and taking hot bath at home every day!

Finally, what’s the one thing we should never forget?
You can not live alone so do your thing for other people by helping a good cause.

Don't forget is next Thursday night, with a line up never seen before or to be seen again at our disco that includes Carl Cox, Adam Beyer and Speedy J.
You can buy tickets here and you can also donate to the Don't Forget campaign here.

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