Pearson Sound's Audial Guide to the Work of Dave Huismans

Dave Huismans has style. No matter what he does in his life, what the world throws at him, or whatever transient musical shifts come and go no one can ever take that away from him; or his discography. Essentially, yes, he’s just one hell of a meticulous and super talented producer from The Hague, but he’s outlined two distinct arcs of his musical career over his 2562 and A Made Up Sound projects. The first one, his numerical postcode moniker, is driven by a powerful love of sub bass and across the three albums Huisman’s has released under the name he’s explored the finer points of that bass weight obsession, creating three distinctly different full length artefacts (Aerial, Unbalance and Fever) that at that their time broke exceptional ground. Whether he was joining the dots between Basic Channel and Plastic People, bringing a smattering of colour to that particular equation or creating incredible music completely out of samples from old disco records, 2562’s music always carved its own path, standing out there on its own, almost po faced in its integrity and ready to challenge people’s expectations.

His tracks as A Made Up Sound, often go a bit further in terms of rhythmic provocation. Built out of the same crisp, stark sound palette as 2562, AMUS tracks like ‘End Game’, ‘Malfunction (Despair)’ or ‘Take The Plunge (Beat Mix)’ are almost confrontational in their drum patterns, sometimes coming with a drunk, stutter-bound type of lean that seems to stumble through the bars. Committed more to releasing 12” singles, AMUS is much more Huismans’ dancefloor centric vehicle but the drum ideas and striking variations of each his projects often bleed into each other, creating the type of outstanding vinyl moments that only ever seem to really emanate from his hard drive. For us, his potency really is that clear cut.

So when Hessle Audio invited Huismans back to Room One to perform a live set as 2562 here on Friday 2nd August, we wanted to do something a little bit special that fully conveyed the love and enthusiasm all the parties involved have for his work. That’s why we wrote this. And that’s why one third of Hessle, Pearson Sound, went and made this: a 28 minute mix of some of Dave Huismans’ most special material, featuring his work as 2562 and as AMUS alongside his no longer used Dogdaze moniker and a couple of remixes he made.

Make sure you catch 2562 (Live) in Room One on Friday 2nd August.

Download: Pearson Sound's Guide To The Music Of Dave Huismans


2562 - Winamp Melodrama
2562 - Jerash Hekwerken
A Made Up Sound - Here's Your Cheese, Now Freeze
Dogdaze - 552 Blues
Commix - Change (A Made Up Sound Remix)
A Made Up Sound - Demons (Reprise)
2562 - Intro
2562 - Blackout
2562 - Basin Dub
2562 - Morvern
Pattie Blingh - Brother (2562 Remix)


Friday 2nd August

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