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One of many American techno and house musicians to join the exodus to Berlin, Butane, has developed as an artist considerably, due to the move. He's has made his latest mix available as an upfront download for all fabric's followers ahead of his set this Saturday.

The mix itself is full of sinister melodies, slinky grooves and slurred vocals that work their way through the mix meeting vast canyons of reverb and dense synthlines, whilst adhering to a minimal ethos throughout. The pitched down vocals of Brian Ffar’s ‘Billy Bought A Laser’ sum up this atmosphere quite succinctly, repeating the words "laser beams and smoke machines" over and over like a clubber’s afterthought, thus making the mix perfect for that hour when you eventually arrive home from the most epic of nights to a cup of tea, a little sit in a dark room for an hour, as the tiredness waves catch up with you and the night’s flashbacks fade away as you pass out into the deepest of post-rave comas. I’d recommend it to any fans of Matt John, the M_nus crew and in fact anyone who’s prepared to give a little bit more to their listening experience than the latest Beatport top ten.

Download: Butane - DJ Mix (Via YouSendIt)

If you like what you hear be sure to catch Butane in Room Two this Saturday who will play alongside Terry Francis and Swedish techno legend Adam Beyer.

Saturday 29th May

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