Heeere's Brodinski

Brodinski is a hard man to keep up with. You'll usually find him in Paris or LA, though his tour schedule frequently sees him in a distant corner of the world for DJ gigs and production hook-ups - all part of his tireless pursuit of keeping one step ahead, looking for future classics and new inspirations, and the best job in the world, according to Brodi.

However, we managed to keep him in one place for long enough to compile the latest FABRICLIVE mix in our series - the 60th, no less. Like his passport, the mix bears the stamps of a multitude of destinations, from disco-laced grooves, through analogue and acid states, to uninhibited techno abandon. Head to the release page for full details, and to pre-order.

As FABRICLIVE 60's November 14th release date approaches, you can familiarize yourself with the Gallic young gun through his online series 'HEEEREā€™S BRODINSKI!' Shot over the past year, he shares moments from his everyday life in his hometown of Reims, France and takes you on a typical 'work' trip through all of the hottest clubs via Paris to Los Angeles, California through New York City and ending here in London.

Watch the teaser for the series below, then head to Konbini, where you'll find a new episode, featuring his cohorts such as Yuksek, Guillaume Briere (The Shoes, Guxxi Vump), Erol Alkan, Bart B More and Savage Skulls each Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the next 5 weeks.


Friday 18th November

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