fabric is 13 Birthday Countdown
Sandwell District

One of our favourite juggernaut forces in underground techno Sandwell District will be returning to Farringdon after ten long months away from the disco. The self-determination of their legendary techno saturated sets have rippled through the history of our club over the years and so we thought it only best to ask them about their anticipation for playing at the fabric birthday next month. We've also taken a few steps back to the summer when Regis and Function played live for Boiler Room in Berlin and you can listen to an hour of their mechanical menace from the soundcloud stream below.

In the words of Sandwell District...

"Institutions are usually cold and unwelcoming but fabric has always amazed me that it retains a very warm and personal feel for the artists. From the blokes on door to the technical staff, they project a confidence and professionalism that naturally makes playing there a real pleasure."


Saturday 20th October

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