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Crew Love Blog Takeover

Inspired by their undying love for house music, parties and of course, each other, the Crew Love squad have a musical mission like no other; to send love, vibes and beats into the ears, the hearts and the lives of party goers afar through their kaleidoscopic fusion of deep, seductive house and funk-fuelled disco.

Forged by key members, duo’s Soul Clap and Wolf + Lamb, the squad has built an eclectic array of musical brothers including No Regular Play, Pillow Talk, Tanner Ross, Slow Hands, Navid Izadi and Nick Monaco, each member part of an illustrious family, fuelled by its love and never-ending passion for deep house, relentless partying and techni-colour mayhem. Originating from their infamous, New York-based hub ‘The Marcy’, their psychedelic revelry encompasses a definitive outfit of emotive music, sick A&R and sharp DJ sets, forever delivering a unique show, unparalleled across our party circuit

Venturing down to Farringdon for our birthday celebrations next weekend, members Wolf + Lamb, Soul Clap and No Regular Play take hold of our digital space for an exclusive Crew Love blog take over, sharing with us their favourite playlists, podcasts and soundcloud sessions.


No Regular Play - Inspirado Radio II

This was the most fun we ever had making a podcast. The idea behind the mix was to take the music that has inspired us from all different genres, mostly outside of house and techno, and structure it as if you were tuning thru different radio stations. Our classic rock station, with hosts Dingo and The Baby, had us keeled over in laughter when Ryan from Pillowtalk walked in on us recording the station ID (which you can hear at the end of the mix). More Inspirado mixes to come!

No Regular Play - Nothing Less EP

Nothing Less is our new EP on Justin Miller's imprint, Have A Killer Time Recordings. The title track started out as just a sketch in our live set and really came together after Greg's addition of an amazing and memorable trumpet solo. We also filmed our first ever music video for the A2, "Night Ranger" , directed by Callie Barlow and Samantha Casolari, you can check it out below And our good friend and super talented violist, Kenny Wang, plays a beautiful and haunting solo on the track, Indigo.



We've recently started posting old episodes of our Adventures of Soul Clap Podcast on our SoundCloud page. Starting all the way back with 2006's Episode 1 we're going to post a new/old episode every week until we catch up to the future. The latest episode we've posted is the first in the "Classic Series", in which we posted our even older mixes to the podcast. So in the spirit of sharing our first ever mix with the fabric blog a few years back, here is "The Torch Bearers" a classic Soul Clap mix from Summer 2004.

Bosq - More Heavy

Bosq is one of our favorite producers right now. He's from Boston and has been turning out dope edits as part of Whiskey Barons for a few years, but it's his new album Bosq Y Orquestra de Madera that just dropped on the legendary Ubiquity Records that really has us moving. Ever since he dropped the first single Dem Know late last year, we've had at least one of his tracks on rotation and More Heavy is probably our favorite so far. If you like this one make sure to check the album for more Afro-Latin-Future-Dopeness!

Shaka Bundu - Penny Penny

We found this one via the amazing Awesome Tapes From Africa, who is actually re-releasing this through his label in November. Shaka Bundu is from South Africa and this jam from his '94 debut tape is on some serious Soul II Soul meets Afro funkiness. It's not available to buy yet so we have to rely on this free download in the meantime.

Omar Souleyman - Wenu Wenu

Found this via Fact mag who are all over it because it's Four Tet produced. As soon as we heard this one we copped it on iTunes and have played it at every gig since. It's a little heavy for our sets but so unique and emotional with such a powerful beat. This has been a great intro to contemporary Arab music for us and the Syrian Souleyman has been a leading light for awhile. His entire new album is produced by Four Tet and we can't wait to hear it!

Analog Players Society - Coule'Ba

We've loved Analog Players Society ever since their cover of I Can't Wait became our anthem last summer. So we were overjoyed to receive their latest red 7" vinyl in the mail from awesome Brooklyn label Discovery a few months back. This is probably the band and labels best music yet and the low key, lo-fi Afro vibes took us straight through the summer.



Wolf + Lamb's selection of New York-style House - 4am at the Roxy, foggy sundaymorning at limelight with sunlight filtering through the stained glass windows. It's chuggy, signature house with no qualms about intensity - just pure soul over a relentless beat.

Josh Milan - Thinking About Your Body (Louie Vega Dance Ritual Mix)

Harry Choo Choo Romero feat. Robert Owens - I Go Back

Timmy Regisford Feat. Lynn Lockamy - At The Club


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