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Terry Francis Recorded Live 21/09/2013

The role of the resident DJ is not something we’ve ever taken lightly around these parts; it’s absolutely integral to what we do.

Our annual birthday celebration is one of those erroneous occasions that we can fully use as an excuse to stop and take note of the last year, whilst also making a special effort to celebrate the sound of our residents Craig Richards and Terry Francis and revel in the breadth of competence that they exude pretty much week in week out across any of the three rooms in our music sharing space.

In an effort to convey our love of what they do, we pinged Terry a message and asked him if he’d had a favourite set he’d be happy for us to share with the internet. He mulled it over and actually came back to us with a duo of performances recorded at the recent m_nus club takeover, the first is a warm up set in Room One and the second recorded up in Room Three. What we really like about them is that as well as the sideways funked tech house grooves we mainly know and love him for he’s also shared the warm up, something totally different where epic and tingling soundscapes meet disco nostalgia.

Both sets are available to stream for all for a limited time until the birthday here: http://bit.ly/17zFrhV

More more information on fabricfirst members exclusive streams, offers and benefits at the club go here: http://bit.ly/1bvWYw3


Saturday 19th October

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