A Decade of Decadance

As fabric enters 10 years of its humble institution, bringing the rave since 1999, the disco walks  hand in hand with another house music stalwart...and who better to share the birthday limelight with? Faith has been offering up its notorious fanzine and shindigs for as long as fabric has been beat bopping and hip hopping. In fact, they held their first party at the club just a week after it opened.

As Faith founder and Acid House connoisseur Terry Farley prepares to bake the cake, wrap the presents and fuse cheese and pineapple together on sticks; we picked his brains about all things Faith. Keep the Faith peeps……

10 years old - congratulations, where do we start?! How about at the start?! Did the parties come from the fanzine, or the fanzine come out of the parties?
At the first party Faith ever did, which was a Bank Holiday Sunday at a defunct space called the Annexxe, I said as a joke, ‘Great party, let's do a fanzine!’ Leo Elstob had been a fan of Boys Own and jumped at the chance of doing something along the lines of that, but with a much more musical bias.

As one of the most respected house music publications out there, what made you decide to produce the fanzine in the first place? Did you expect it to be such a huge success?
Well, it's not a huge success in reality, more of a fabulous secret for those that know; which is a shame - I’d love to have the cash to put it into WHSmith’s but we put all the advert money into keeping it free and putting as many copies possible on to the streets.

Having covered or interviewed a who's-who of House music royalty, is there one article that sticks out for you over the last decade?
The Derrick Carter, Frankie Knuckles, Villalobos, Weatherall interviews have all been fab - but the feature on ‘Paris is Burning; The Vogueing Documentary’ is my fave thing ever in Faith.

Is there someone who hasn't been featured who you'd love to get hold of?
Ron Hardy. You got his contact?!

The Faith parties are a thing of legends! What was the first party like? Any guests/parties stick out for you over the 10 years?
Derrick May was boss on a mad boat party down the Thames - he never brought ‘Strings of Life’ with him so we lent him a copy! Rahaan, the Chicago disco don, had everyone thumping the ceilings as well, he’s a real Faith fave - got to get him back sometime.

The parties are unlike any other - what do you think makes them so special?
The people are the main thing, we get Acid House veterans, ex-Soul boys, House kids and misfits from all over. A great mix but then that’s not just a Faith thing, it’s what makes any party fab...just look at Secretsundaze, Mulletover, Need2Soul, they all have that vibe, that mix.

Were influences drawn for the JBO days? Was there a progression from the old Boys Own fanzines and parties into Faith at all? Or was it time to try something else?
It was just that London was a bit stale, all ‘Proggy’ House or Funky House, we were all into the Body ‘n’ Soul vibe that was huge in NYC at the time and we'd visited the club. We stole their soundtrack to a certain extent - well, the quirkier element - and put an Acid House spin on it.

As someone who was a ‘nipper’ when it all started, Faith has stood the test of time and remained very current. What do think makes it so appealing to newer generation as well as the ‘heads’ that have been around since the beginning?
London loves House music and despite a million clubs/parties playing the music, not many get it right. fabric gets it right, that’s why it’s still packed every week. Faith gets it right more times than it gets it wrong.

What has Faith got planned for its birthday celebrations?
Ibiza, Croatia, Berlin and maybe NYC, touch wood!

Clearly choosing one record that sums up Faith and its 10 year reign is too difficult, but is their one Faith favourite that has had regular plays?
Dubtribe Sound System's ‘Do it Now’ - a perfect end of the nighter!

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