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Autonomic Podcast Layer 6

Hold the phone - Autonomic's new podcast is out today.

No doubt you are all more than aware of the Autonomic lot. But just to bring any Jonny-Come-Latelies up to speed, Club Autonomic is a concept put together by D-Bridge and Instra:mental (Al Bleek and Kid Drama) - three guys that have been doing spectacular things in drum & bass, over the last couple of years in particular. In fact it would take some serious persuasion to convince me that there is anyone in drum & bass matching them for forward-thinking music right now. Their monthly podcasts include an influences section from each of the three, plus an upfront mix of fresh beats, which never fail to inspire. Prepare for anything from the latest tracks from these boys, plus bits by the likes of Commix, ASC, Abstract Elements and Consequence in the mix section, plus influences that range from Prince to Vangelis and J Dilla to Autechre. If you’re digging it, look out for their session here at fabric in Room Three on Friday July 17.

Click the image above for the latest of the monthly installments here, plus update yourself on any you've missed.

Also, while we're on the subject of the Autonomic boys, do yourself a favour and pick up their latest 12" on NonPlus Records; D-Bridge - Wonder Where B/W Instra:mental - No Future. Check the tracks below, and give them a few spins each - they get better and better with each listen, seriously deep stuff.

dBridge - Wonder Where

Instra:mental - No Future

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