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Ben UFO - RDC 008

Hessle Audio pilot Ben UFO just shared a 70 minute mix recorded live in Tokyo and, as always with something from Ben, in our opinion it's definitely something you should dive into. It also gives us the timely chance to share with you the news that the Hessle trio will return to Room One on Friday 2nd August with 2562 performing live and DJ support from Principals.

"I was invited to Tokyo for the first time last month to play for Rainbow Disco Club," Ben UFO offers of the set. "I played at Dommune the night that I arrived, not having slept properly for 36 hours and feeling slightly out of my depth - it ended up being a hugely memorable experience in one of the most most welcoming and musically open-minded environments I've come across. I could have played anything."

Listen to what he did play here:

Tickets/info: http://www.fabriclondon.com/club/listing/757

Photo: Sarah Ginn

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