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Bicep's Aster Remixes

We’ve been avid followers of the Feel My Bicep digest of all that’s good and great in cosmically aligned beats for some years now. Their blog was the first way that the DJ and production team of Andy Ferguson and Matt McBriar really started working out their passion for electronic music and they quickly shone out above the noise of MP3 blogs of the era.

With the blog still going strong now the pair have also been notably riding high on the strength of their DJ sets and studio productions, which are seeing just as much success with their most recent release a double dose of remixes on behalf of John Talabot’s Aster imprint. They literally came out this week and are timed pretty well to prelude the duo’s set in Room One next weekend where they’ll join house aficionado Craig Richards and Daniel Bell presenting his DBX live set next Saturday. Stream both of Bicep’s reworks below.

Bicep – Aster – Cielo (Bicep Remix I)

Bicep – Aster – Cielo (Bicep Remix II)


Saturday 28th September

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