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Eats Everything’s Top 10 Jungle Countdown

It's always good to throw a few curve balls and take chances on the artists you feel you know so well. We've seen Bristol beat maker, Eats Everything smashing every club and festival party imaginable over the last couple of years and last October he left us to chew the fat off his killer Room One set made of big and ballsy house. In all his adventures we've watched him roll around with the likes of Dirtybird, Get Physical and Hypercolour but the man we know as Daniel Pierce is more than just a house and techno trader as you'll soon find out in this Top 10 Jungle Countdown he's spontaneously done for us. Taking us on a trip in no particular order through his front runner jungle rhythms, here's a side of Eats Everything you can get to know better before he returns to Farringdon for the Futureboogie takeover on 22nd September.

Conquering Lion - Code Red (Wild Apache Mix)

Why: Because it epitomises everything I love about Ragga Jungle, B-lines, wicked ragga vocal, reggae element intact and dub sirens and gun shots. The ultimate jungle record in my opinion!

DJ Rap - Spiritual Aura

Why: Because it reminds me of Jungle raves and Jungle Arenas at Hardcore raves when I was a kid and the bass is immense!

Renegade – Terrorist

Why: Probably a little bit cliché but this is undoubtedly one of the baddest tracks ever written. Reese bass in its original and best form. Yummy!

EZ Rollers – Believe

Why: Tough to pick a favourite EZ Rollers track but I think this one just edges it for me. Summertime vibes, love it so much. I listen to it at least once a week!

LTJ Bukem - Horizons

Why: Again, probably cliché but Good Looking Records number is an amazing record both sides, but Horizons just edges it for me. Wonderful piece of actual music!

D.O.P.E - Travelling (Part 2)

Why: This is Good Looking Records number 5 and for me strikes the perfect balance between the more intelligent Jungle and the bangers we all love. Smooth as a babies behind.

MA2 - Hearing Is Believing (Other Version

Why: I love both mixes and the one with the Horn sample is the one most people but just to be a little bit risqué I have gone with this one!

Tom & Jerry – Dancer

Why: Its just a very nice record that I remember being one of the first Jungle records I really got into. Didn't know its name for a few years. Now I do!

Top Buzz - Living In Darkness (93 Mix)

Why: This isn't strictly jungle but it is fucking ace! One of the best old skool tunes about in my opinion.

Vibes & Wishdokta - Midsummer Mist

Why: Again, may not strictly jungle but an amazing use of the Love and Happiness sample, the same vocal that Peshay used in Vocal Track. And the "Start that one again alright" sample is pure genius!

On Saturday 22nd September, Eats Everything joins Maxxi Soundsystem, Waifs & Strays and the Futureboogie DJ's in Room Three.

Saturday 22nd September

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