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Logos B2B Mumdance on NTS Live 19/09/2013

Showcasing an incredibly learned record collection, Logos and Mumdance (aka the duo who'll be headlining the Keysound takeover of Room Three on Friday 1st November) recently covered Slackk's show on East London internet station, NTS Live. When I say 'learned' though, I probably mean more a varied and exceptionally tonal selection of beatless pieces before they then jump in them mix and "play some bangers" around the hour mark. To me it's a very real insight into some of what informs their productions - with Mumdance having previously declared a love of shogaze - but at times like this it's also very easy to over analyse what's being played. Basically its a show of two distinct halves; the fact that both are interesting and arresting for vastly different reasons is probably just a massive plus point for people who like their drone as much as they like grime.

There's also an exclusive airing of Logos and Mumdance's collaboration 'Wut It Do' in there somewhere too.

Logos B2B Mumdance on NTS Live 19/09/2013


Static Emotion - B12
Taken From Dutch Tvashar Plumes - Lee Gamble
Razor - Lee Gamble
Minus 3 - Stave
Lebensform - Miles
Birdy's Flight - Peter Gabriel
Pink Frost - The Chills
Untitled - Untitled
Title Sequence - Shadow of the Beast 3
Forbidden Colours - David Sylvian and Riuichi Sakamoto
To Here Knows When - My Bloody Valentine
Headphone - AER Project
Back Gate - Rabit
Black Bag - Rabit
Waterfall - Parker
Quiet Waters - Jacques Gaspard Biberkopf
Statis Jam - Logos
Sweet Exorcist - Kick Jack
Untitled - Terrence Dixon
Techno Gone Mad - Direct
Track With No Name - Forgemasters
Wut It Do - Logos and Mumdance
Back To Back (VIP) - Codex
Turbo Mitzi - Pinch and Mumdance
It's Alot - Wen
Yeezus (Bootleg) - Neana
Clemency - Moleskin
Feisar - Tsunga
Thump - Instra:mental
Linn Jam with Synth - Helix
Nightlift - Strict Face
In Reverse PIV- Logos and Mumdance
Springtime - Mumdance
Untitled - East Connection
Freeze (Devil Mix) - Wiley
Victory - Oddz
Coalition - Oddz
Shogun Assassin - Slackk
Too Hard - Mark 1
Champs and Beers - Flirta D
Untitled - Untitled


Friday 1st November

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