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Move D - Live at mono_cult

Move D, aka David Moufang, is a hard man to pin down. Playing one-off parties at select venues around the globe, his intuitive DJ style and ability to read and surprise any crowd makes him one of the most sought after DJs out there. His impressive history with musical production work spans back to his 90’s heyday, when he gained a diploma in sound engineering in Frankfurt; followed by years teaching his craft at university, working as a tutor for Red Bull Music Academy and racking up releases for the likes of Warp, Workshop, Modern Love and Source Records- his label home for his debut album 'Kunststoff', a masterpiece still revered 17 years on to this day.

D has a incredibly infectious and brazen passion for music so you can see why we’re celebrating his rare Room Three visit next Saturday when he joins Ostgut Ton's Prosumer and UK’s Voigtmann. What direction Move D will take you in is anyone’s guess, but an essence of his groove can be heard in this exclusive recording from his Easter Sunday set at mono_cult in Leeds...

DOWNLOAD: Move D - Live at mono_cult

Photo: Marek Petraszek

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