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Night Slugs x Rinse FM - 02.09.2012

Whenever you read about the Night Slugs label, more often than not the writer will make some kind of a reference to how they've built their own empire from the ground up. And it's true. Label boss Bok Bok has gone on record before to state that they started their club nights, radio shows and release schedule to cater for music that didn't really have a home; so it's ironic that such a small core sect of self-made producers can inspire such a glut of sound-a-like club music.

With a full length just out by Jam City, Classical Curves, Slugs have proven that their just as suited to that type of deep artist project as much as they are vinyl singles. And its telling that in their changing tact, testing the water with their Club Construction 12" series or EPs from staples like Girl Unit whilst feeling out their next move, people are still looking at their output for pointers.

With that said, you can't really overlook the tone of their monthly show on London's leading underground radio station, Rinse FM. The last show was on Sunday just gone. You can listen to it by clicking the icon below... it's something we recommend you do if you're thinking about coming to their Room Two takeover tomorrow night at FABRICLIVE.

Download: Night Slugs on Rinse FM - 02.09.2012

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Catch Bok Bok going B2B L-Vis1990 with Jam City, Kingdom, Nguzunguzu and Total Freedom in Room Two tomorrow night.

Friday 7th September

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