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Skudge - Phantom LP

There’s a few ways to do music - there are options when it comes to its promotion and which avenues to take - and then there are ways to do techno. Opting out of blurb, backchat and hyperbole is a risk, but it means that your music only ever gets judged on the way it sounds.

Skudge only committed their first release to vinyl in 2009, with it finding a place on Alphahouse Records beginning the first ripples of discussion, who is Skudge? Choosing to ignore the impending questions and fervent discussion they continued with their own imprint, the eponymous Skudge Records, which cemented their reputation as one of the latest and greatest partnerships creating exceedingly raw, groove based analogue techno. These humble foundations have developed into allegiances with the perceived right wing experimental producers of the moment, people like 2562/A Made Up Sound, Aardvark and even Detroit royalty like Anthony ‘Shake’ Shakir.

Last week Skudge’s debut long player, ‘Phantom,’ was released on heavyweight double vinyl; described by the internet’s own electronic soothsayers Boomkat as “the sort of Techno that doesn't really bear writing about, its contours and arrangements are so subtle and essentially geared towards the club that they really must be felt and experienced in order to gauge their beauty.” We are super inclined to agree and urge you to check a little piece of them this Saturday when the appear in Room Two alongside Terry Francis, Hotflush bossman Scuba - whose performing under both his guises, bridging the gap between his brand of dubstep and techno as Scuba vs. SCB – and his most recent protégé, Hotflush signing George Fitzgerald.

Anyone who’s been following the Swedish duo’s facebook page recently will have seen the torrent and audio demonstration of their sound, but we’ve collated them for you here, in ritual anticipation.

Skudge - Shivers

Skudge - Blackout

Skudge - Pressure Drop

Skudge - Real Time

Skudge - Downtown

Skudge - Eleven

Skudge - Sandblast

Saturday 9th April

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