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Steffi + The Analogue Cops As Third Side

Longtime friends and musical collaborators, Steffi and Virginia know how to rock a room Berlin style and after doing just that for us on New Year’s Eve in Room One, the Osgut Ton pairing are set to return to the intimate space of Room Three next Saturday, 9th February to mix their firebrand of warm, analog house.

Aside from transitioning herself between the dancefloor nerve centers of Farringdon and Berlin and those in between, Steffi has been especially busy of late, embarking on a new live project with The Analogue Cops (aka Italian duo Marieu and Lucretio) known to us all as, Third Side.

It's been almost three years since the trio first got together, releasing a stream of hardware kicking productions on The Analogue Cops relished techno and house label Restoration and late last year they released their first vinyl-only LP, Unified Fields which The Analogue Cops told in an interview with Little White Earbuds to be "produced without the auxiliary of any computer and recorded at the first take on magnetic tape". The album features guest appearances from Panorama Bar resident nd_baumecker and the vocal charms of Virginia whose new remix of "Shit On Me" from the album is coming for release soon. On paper, Third Side is a wholly creative project and believe us when we say it's as impressive to look at visually as the sound that bellows out of it.

You can listen to the first live recording of Third Side at Boiler Room in Berlin last October in the player below, replacing computers for racks of hardware before they play a debut live for us in Room One on 13th April.

STREAM: Third Side Live In The Boiler Room - Berlin


Saturday 13th April

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