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Terry Francis revives his Eye 4 Sound imprint

Terry Francis has released a new EP via his imprint, Eye 4 Sound.

Emotional Blackmail features four new tracks from our founding resident: two solo, and two produced in collaboration with Phil Winters and Murray Clarke under the alias Dead Endz. Though Francis included the title track in his fabric 100 album for us, it’s previously never been available to hear in full.

The EP follows 2017’s Together LP, and marks Eye 4 Sound's first release since 2004. Originally launched by Terry Francis and Jiten Achyra in 1996, Eye 4 Sound was also home to artists like Nathan Coles and Gideon Jackson, becoming a key outlet for the emerging tech house sound Francis pioneered through the late 90s and early 2000s.

It’s obviously a pretty big deal that both Francis and the label are back in action, so we felt it made sense to share the tracks for you to check here. As the EP’s title suggests, the A-side sees Francis exploring his sensitive side, while both Dead Endz efforts showcase the playful tech house style Francis is best known for.

Listen to the EP in full below, and grab your copy now here.


1. Emotional Blackmail – Terry Francis
2. Chafunk – Terry Francis
3. Little Man Dub feat. Hive71 – Dead Endz
4. Little Man Dubby Dub Beats – Dead Endz


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