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Zero T - Footprints Showcase X FABRICLIVE Promo Mix

Total Science’s CIA imprint will be steering Room Three this Friday operating with the same ‘no creative restraints’ ideology that has consistently maintained their home with us so far. Working the floor it in his typically stark fashion, will be Dublin-based DJ and producer Zero T switching up the tempos of a precision-crafted set picking from the big bullets of jungle, drum n bass, dubstep, house and whatever other weapons he chooses to fire out. Before the room takes heat with Spirit, Mutated Forms, Karakota and Unknown Error also on the bill, the Footprints boss himself has supplied us with a label showcase promo mix showing off his expertise with a challenging rush of a tracklist.

DOWNLOAD: Zero T Footprints Showcase X FABRICLIVE Promo Mix

1.LR - Gustano (Dub)
2.Sunchase - My Broken Cat (Dub)
3.Steo - Dawn Chorus (Dub)
4.He&She - Untitled (Dub)
5.Calibre - Rennaisance (Dub)
6.Stray - Sea Songs (Footprints)
7.Jonny L - Treading [Mild Davis Edit] (Dub)
8.Stealth + Altair - Crash (Dub)
9.Steo - Yuk (Dub)
10.Sunchase - Botsad (Dub)
11.Spinline - Chronic (Dispatch)
12.Stray - Movements (Footprints)
13.Mark System - Untitled (Dub)
14.Stealth + Altair - Lazyboy (Dub)
15.OmUnit + Baobinga - Small Victories (Dub)
16.Loxy + Genotype - Blaxploitation (Footprints)
17.Zero T - Red Hand (CIA)
18.Proktah - Wrong Way [NickBee Reprint] (Footprints)
19.Rememberance - Dream Water [Zero T Reprint] (Lifestyle)
20.Zero T + Bailey - Wasp Factory {Fierce Reprint] (Footprints)
21.NickBee - New Born Star (Footprints)
22.Stray - Erase The Club (Dub)
23 .DJ Hype ft Fats - Peace, Love + Unity [Basher Remix] (Playaz)
24.Zero T - Roxy Music (Dispatch)
25.Wookie - 2Us [Die Remix] (Dub)
26 Wookie - 2Us {S Chue Remix] (RCA)
27.George Fitzgerald - Unilateral (AUS)

Friday 10th August

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