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Bop is coming straight outta St Petersburg and is one of the most exciting artists in drum & bass right now. Bop is one of a sprinkling of drum & bass' artists currently setting aside all existing formulas and boundaries that have plagued drum & bass for some years before sitting down to work in the studio, and what he's coming out with is among the most forward thinking D&B I've heard in years. For the unitiated, check his debut on Med School - the Hospital subsidiary - 'A Song About My Dog' - it's breathtaking.

Bop has an album coming out very soon on Med School - more on that soon. Meantime, I stumbled across a mix which I would recommend to anyone with an interest in electronic music - but specifically those who at some point or another for whatever reason have lost a little faith in drum & bass, and its capacity for innovation. Listen to this and judge for yourself.

Get the mix here. Tracklist below.

1. Bop - Random Thoughts [Med School]
2. D-Bridge - On My Mind [Exit]
3. Bop - Ataraxia [Med School]
4. Ezekiel Honig - Love Session (Graphic Remix) [Microcosm]
5. D-Bridge - On Your Mind [Soul:R]
6. Lomax - Too Real [Soul:R]
7. Commix - Underwater Scene [Soul:R]
8. Bop - Skeptikos [Kos.Mos]
9. Commix - Rack It [Hospital]
10. Instra:mental - Intervention [Exit]
11. Jason oS - Clark Nova [Counter Intelligence]
12. Jason oS - What Do You Like? [Subtle Audio]
13. Oak - Chizra [Kos.Mos]
14. Aphex Twin - Flim [Warp]


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