Five Minutes With...SHINEDOE

Formerly a dancer by trade, who better qualified to take music to the dancefloors than Dutch first lady Shinedoe. Shimmying through the scene for over a decade, her funky, elegant groove-based sets buzz with tech-house, Chicago, acid and Detroit influences, keeping crowds helplessly grooving across the globe. With her new album ‘No Boundaries’ due out very soon, Shinedoe’s heavy list of productions is only set to get bigger and branch out even further. As we have the pleasure of hosting her first ever live set here at fabric on Saturday, we caught up with her to spill the beans…

Your new album ‘No Boundaries’ is due for imminent release – we’ve heard it called ‘a place where electronic music gets a whole new perspective.’ Intriguing - tell us more…

It took about 7 or 8 months to put together. On this album you hear a lot of different influences: funk, jazz, dub and others, much more in comparison to my previous album. ‘No Boundaries’ is about bringing these different music styles together with electronic music made for the dance floor; not focussing on one specific style.

Did you see the album as an outlet to try things you might not have been able to before?
Yes, indeed.  I just like to produce and play music that touches my soul.  I always start from scratch; I like to create music from the moment or specific vibe I'm in. I worked with a vocalist Mr. Bumpy and that was something completely new for me.

The album gets released on your own label, Intacto - does that add to the pressure of getting to the finished product?
The cool thing about doing it on my own label Intacto is the fact I can follow the whole production process from close by.  The pressure is creating an album of which I am happy and creating something that will be playable in the club scene.

Your website says Intacto ‘will fokuz on the basic instinct of the human soul when music is heard, movement of the body’ – does this ethos stem from your days as a dancer?
It's important that Intacto makes a contribution to the dance scene, and I love to dance to music. There must be something that makes me move.

Tell us a bit about your live shows…
Well, Fabric is the very first live show I will do!!!  It is very exciting for me. I’ll keep the live sets limited; it's for a selection of clubs and festivals, for example the Mysteryland Festival in Netherlands.

As a familiar and much welcomed face here at fabric, are  you excited to come back?

I love fabric, the energy of the club, the sounds system, the crowd and the crew! When I play there, I just don't wanna stop :-) And the programming is also always so strong!

How is your night, Inmotion, going?
Yes, Inmotion is going strong. 2000 and One and I do the party every three months and we have invited a nice list of artists already, I can say. Just last month was my album release party with Cassy; that was really nice! The next one is scheduled for September 25th.

When will the eagerly anticipated No Boundaries get dropped?
Vinyl & Digital is out now; CDs are a bit delayed.

Catch Shinedoe LIVE for the first time (ever) in Room One this Saturday with  fabric 47's Jay Haze (out 13 July) and his fellow Tuning Sporker, Alex Celler.

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