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The phone keeps ringing in the office and kind of bizarrely its people asking if “Joe is playing live” on Friday 3rd August. It’s actually happened quite a few times now and as such it would appear that there’s a little ripple of confusion we need to address. The Joe listed on our website in Hessle Audio’s room next week is the subtle and almost anonymous making moniker of Joseph Asher – an incredibly talented producer whose love of drums and the way they can interact with bass on a massive soundsystem helps him craft these brutally bare kind of brittle dancefloor weapons like the ones we’ve collated below – not Joe, the R&B star of My Name Is Joe and ‘I Wanna Know’ fame.

You can read a much fuller piece on Hessle Joe, as we’re starting to have to call him, over on The Quietus where he says things like "it might look a bit daft if I'm sort-of-air-drumming in the club, but to me it just feels like a natural way to respond to the music" and then you can join us in dreaming about something new from his hard drive whilst you dive into the below playlist.

Catch Joe in Room One next Friday.

Friday 3rd August

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