Guti's Equipment Guide

To put it simply, Guti is our guiding mantra of live music. Last summer for the first time at our Farringdon disco he performed one of the most powerful live sets we’ve seen improvising an organic house sound straight from the heart. Guti as you well may know is from Buenos Aires, a city bustling with live music venues of all shapes and sizes, so it’s always a special treat for us to get some of the vibrancy and cultural diversity out of his hometown inside our London home. Last year, we were lucky enough to hear some of the debut tracks off Guti's killer artist album “Patio de Juegos” out on Desolat and we can't wait to hear the direction his skilful use of beats and groove sensibility take us on once again this Saturday night.

Guti returns to Room One joining Romania's Raresh from [a:rpia:r] Sound System and our faithful resident Craig Richards in the perfect unison of late night dancefloor intensity. To enlighten you on the technicalities of Guti's music innovation we asked him to give us his very own gear guide presenting five pieces of his favourite studio and live equipment.

“Over the years I have had many different keyboards and synths. Some of them are still in Buenos Aires like my Roland vk7 and the piano are back in my house. I still miss them a lot. However I’ve also got some equipment in Europe that makes me happy and here are five of my favourites.”


I love this one. It has beautiful strings but I use it to do powerful basslines. It’s pretty right?
I found it abandoned in a dodgy music store in Dusseldorf and I got it for 100 euros which is a good deal. I have used some basslines of my last releases and song to come.

I bought this in Japan during one of my trips to play there and it makes me so happy. I always wanted to have one and I saw it in Tokyo and came back with it. It’s one of the new additions but already has a place in my favourite list.


This has been my girlfriend since a couple of years ago right up until today! It’s got amazing piano and Rhodes sounds and sometimes I use the Organs too (the emo organ solo of my record 'Jealous Guy' on Crosstown was recorded with it) and also the Hammond pads.

Almost every song of mine you hear with piano is the SV1. I got it a couple of months before my album 'Patio de Juegos' and recorded most of the pianos with it. Including 'All the Girls', 'Wanna Be' and 'Una Trade Con Pedro'.

It´s valvular and you can touch a lot of parameters and amp simulations, its Rhodes are super warm and I always discover new things to do with it. It’s also the piece of equipment that I spend most of my time with because I play a lot of piano with it for my own enjoyment.

You can do so many things with this drum machine- it has its own swing and you get to grooves you wouldn't get with other toys. I like it because it’s rough but I'm discovering new things about it every day. I wish I had more time in my studio with all the machines and synths, one day perhaps.

JUNO 106

What can I say more about the Juno 106 that hasn't been said? I always wanted to have one and I found this one in perfect condition in Tokyo. I love shopping for instruments in Tokyo. So I brought it back with me on my last trip over there. I use it for pads and also as a synth key machine. I'm not a synth guy but I’m catching up fast.

Sunday 8th April

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