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Aeroplane's Current Top 5

It's been an eventful year for Aeroplane and considering that those 12 months form only a quarter of the former duo's lifetime, you begin to get an idea of the impact they have made in such a short space of time. When we say 'they', we mean of course Aeroplane pre-June 2010 when Vito amicably parted company with bandmate Stephen Fasano (cue the puns).

Musically, Aeroplane have been hailed for their spacious cosmic-disco rerubs of high-profile names including Grace Jones, Friendly Fires and Sebastien Tellier, as well as their own Balearic-inspired jams. 2010 saw the release of Aeroplane's debut album 'We Can't Fly' crafted wholly by Vito himself with influences charted as far and wide as Abba, the Stones and various film soundtracks.

Flying solo (there's the pun!) seems to suit Vito, not conforming to producing long pieces of music purely for DJs needs he claims his best is at around 105bpm without compromising on 'beef' or bass, something in evidence last year when Vito mixed BBC Radio 1's 500th Essential Mix. His top tracks of the moment selection below, also resonates with that notion, albeit still remaining eclectic-yet-somewhat-cosmic at the same time. We delved into Vito's mind to unleash his top five current cheeky bangers before he no doubt throws down a few heavy jams at Kill Em All in Room 2 next week. The rundown includes a little number by Punks Jump Up who also appear that night. Handy that....

1. Skream - Boat Party

2. Poolside - Do You Believe

3. The Shoes - Stay The Same (Etienne De Crecy Remix)

4. Francisco Inferno Orchestra - Me and You

5. Punks Jump Up - Blockhead (In Flagranti Remix)


Friday 4th March

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