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Cereal Booster Shots

Whether consumed at your desk at 10am, late in the evening after chatting breeze in a public house beer garden or in a rush at 6am before you chip out of the door to help an acquaintance move offices for £100 a day, cereals are a beautifully satisfying nutrition type phenomenon.

Now, I’m not saying I’d take a bowl of Special Flakes over a falafel & Moroccan humous pitta or a Grown Man Business (TM) chorizo and mozzarella panini... oh hellllllllllll no. But sometimes in life and the daily situations that arise therein, only a bowl of the wet cardboard stuff will do.

1. Weetos

Simply put, the ultimate snack cereal. What Weetos lack in the form of looks they more than compensate for in taste. Plus use more milk than necessary and you get a milkshake out of it in the bottom of your bowl that comes complete with sodden clumps of chocolate wheat.

No matter how scary or peado looking the Professor on the box cover is, it will never stop me lusting after a chocolate hoop (sic).

Best digested to: Joker & Ginz – Re Up (Kapsize)

2. Nestle Fitnesse & Fruit

Try and front on the enclosed combination of bran flakes and fruit chunks. I dare you. Extra points are awarded for looking so horrific but tasting so angelic. The coconut and pinapple variety seems to be only available in Europe so top marks for rarity (I do have to stress thats the combo that gets the cereal the number 2 spot...).

Best digested to: Birdengine – Heads Off Dogs (Drift Records)

3. Kellog's Multi-grain Start

Special induction into the top 3 for the only one cereal my grandparents ever had in stock that I’d always go back for a second bowl of. Sticky and tart they manage to retain their crunch incredibly well.

Recently re-discovered by yours truly, they taste as good as their chosen musical accompaniment will still sound in another 50 years time.

Best digested to: John Williams – The Empire Theme

Thats all for now.

More later.

You dunn kno the crunch.

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