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Gilles Peterson’s favourite Azymuth Tracks

Diving into such a deep and rich discography as the Brazilian trio of Azymuth have amassed could prove to be quite something. But luckily, one of BBC 6Music’s resident audiophiles and one of this country’s most prominent jazz selectors, Gilles Peterson, has taken the time to select some of his favourite Azymuth compositions for us in an attempt to make the enjoyably daunting task of digesting their wealth of output a little easier.

An incredibly vocal fan of the trio’s work, Peterson has long heralded their playing and when founding keyboard player José Roberto Bertrami passed away last year, he held a fitting tribute on his radio show alongside Joe Davis of Far Out Recordings - the label who have re-released Azymuth’s groundbreaking Light As A Feather album and helped organise the upcoming tour of which we’re hosting the London date in Room One on Thursday 20th June where Peterson will himself be DJing.

What follows (where possible) are some of Gilles’ favourite Azymuth recordings which gives an incredible inside into their recorded career and allows your imagination to run wild thinking about what they’ll sound like deep in the belly of our Room One soundsystem.

‘Estreito De Taruma’ (taken from Azymuth Telecommunication)

‘Manhã’ (taken from Azimüth)

‘Partido alto’ (taken from Azymuth Live At Copacabana Palace)

‘Indian Pepper (Pimenta Malagueta)’ (taken from Cascades)

‘Jazz Carnival’ (taken from Azymuth Live At Copacabana Palace)

‘Dear Limmertz’ (taken from The Best Of Azymuth)


Thursday 20th June

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