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October's Raw Analogue Jams

The Bristol based October might make a point of his preference of analogue sounds over digital productions but he’s not bitter or angry like most folk out there, ready to renounce all digital electronics as unmusical. Dude just finds the way to make his machinery translate the beats he dreams up in his head. Having first laid out his agenda for us in this interview back in 2010, when he was preparing to play for us under the FABRICLIVE banner on a Friday – like fellow Bristolian Pinch – October’s now poised to return included in the Room One lineup here at fabric this coming Saturday.

He’s moved on somewhat from his earlier productions, which were more based on the dub rich and junglist heritage of his home town. You can trace his growth through the records he made and released on his now defunct label, Caravan, to his current imprint TANSTAAFL (that he co-runs with John Osbourne), where it’s evident his influences have grown with producers from across the pond in people like original house provocateurs Larry Heard, DJ Qu and Levon Vincent.

Vinylism is pretty central to that New York culture, and to October who still believes in creating physical artifact so we asked him to indulge us in his passion for machine sounds and raw grooves in this playlist he decided to call ‘October’s Raw Analogue Jams’.

Larry Heard feat Che - 'The Incident'

This jam never leaves my box - I can't get enough of it! The version I play is the Wet Dream Mix but could not find the correct video so this one will do as it's equally amazing.

DJ Qu - 'Mixing Room'

Some of Qu's finest work - his whole 'Gymnastics LP' was off the hook but this is the track that always makes it into my dj sets where ever I go.

Joey Anderson - 'Dive Deep'

This guy is just too much right now! His latest 12" for Leif and Joe Ellis' newly minted U.M.H.S. is next level but again could not find the video for it so chose this classic Joey jam. This was the first track of his I heard and it's still one of his finest.

Levon Vincent - 'Invisible Bitchslap'

Well Levon is just something else - most of what he touches turns to gold. This track encompasses his vibe so well and I just love those Linn Drum toms and sexy beat. Guaranteed to lose your shit when heard on a system.

Patrice Scott - 'Do You Feel Me'

Patrice hits it out of the ball park every time but this is my favorite jam of his. This was the first piece of his music I was exposed to and also the first time his label Sistrum came onto my radar.

Keith Worthy - 'Deep For Dayz'

--No stream available--

This track features on the 'Underground Anthems' EP as well on Sistrum and was also the first time I had heard of Keith Worthy. Proper raw deep acid vibes! Essential 12 all round!

Liaisons Dangereuses - 'Los Ninos Del Parque'

This was made in the same year I was born - 1981 and it still sound like the future to me! Apparently most of it was done with a couple of MS-20 synthesizers... One of my favorite records period!

Devo - 'Going Under'

I've played this out before at the first Bloc at Butlins in 2009 together with Ciccone Youth's 'Get Into The Groove(y)' at 7am - all I can say is it did not go down as well as I hoped it would but the few people that were there lost it which made me happy!

Drexciya - 'Surface Terrestrial Colonization'

I firmly believe that the Drexciyan duo discovered an underwater portal that lead to another realm in time and space where they performed as court jesters for a king and queen to this music which they specially composed for their exciting journey to this medieval world.

John Heckle - 'What Once Was'

What can I say about the young John Heckle - the boy's a genius space traveler! One of my favorite jams of his. This was the last track he played at this years Freerotation and it was emotional!

Ciccone Youth - 'Addicted To Love'

Ciccone Youth was a project by Sonic Youth inspired by Madonna hence the use of her real name Ciccone. Madonna being a fellow New Yorker had a major impact on then husband and wife Thurston Moore and Kim Gorden which spawned this amazing concept album mostly recorded in the couples living room using drum machines and samplers. It's called the Whitey Album and is just awesome! This is Kim covering Robert Palmer's 80's power pop classic 'Addicted To Love'. Great video too!

Risque 3 - 'Essence Of A Dream'

Mr K Alexi Shelby is a legend and Chicago House godfather that does not get the cred or hype he deserves in my book! This is a collaboration and is feat K Alexi on vocals. Proper sex music! Love it!

Aphrodisiac - 'Song Of The Siren'

One of the Burrell Brothers many alias's. I love the chords and seagulls! So deep and beautiful!

Black Jazz Consortium - 'Stay'

Fred P always on point - I can't really choose a favorite Fred P or BJC 12 so I chose this one because when I featured it on a mix for New Yorks WNYU radio station, the DJ hosting the show had never heard of Fred P, DJ Qu or even Levon Vincent. Considering all these cats are from said city and New Jersey, and they ain't even heard of the guys says a lot about how small the scene is out there.

Tangerine Dream - 'Hyperborea'

Lastly, Tangerine Dream's title track 'Hyperborea' off their 1983 album sounds like a Michael Mann movie soundtrack written by Boards Of Canada except about a decade before Boards even existed! Proper next level music which can reduce one to tears - it was my late brothers favorite Tangerine Dream album so it's a highly personal record and track for me.

Saturday 23rd February

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