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Dasha Rush and AnD introduce their live project, ATTENTION DEFICIT DISORDER

“We like to take people through a whole amalgamation of sounds across the night.” As promised by AnD, we’ll be covering the full scope of techno in Room Two this Saturday as they take over alongside Dasha Rush for the entire night. While both artists have promised to keep it deep as a starting point, it's likely this could go anywhere from brittle to brutal.

As well as their individual sets, both artists will be linking for a UK premiere of their live project, ATTENTION DEFICIT DISORDER. To give us an insight of what’s to come on the night, AnD and Rush explained to us why improvisation is such an important part of their live set, and sent a few tracks of the type of thing they’ll be playing – depending on how they’re feeling in the moment, of course.

How was the project first conceived?

AnD: The project came through a mutual respect for each other’s music, and as we always had fun seeing Dasha at gigs, it felt like a natural thing.

Dasha Rush: From my perspective, obviously, I agree with Andrew and Dimitrii about mutual respect and curiosity for each other’s musical universe. I could just add that also a human aspect of empathy that worked for me, I found them both so open and generous as people, that the idea of doing something together had to be realised. For me, that’s a very important factor of collaboration: the human experience.

This is one of your first performances as ATTENTION DEFICIT DISORDER, how have you been preparing for it?

AnD: We’ve been approaching the project with more of an improvisation feel to it as we wanted something different to come out of the experience.

Dasha Rush: It’s not actually the first, but it is indeed our UK premiere! And we will definitely be improvising.

Can you describe the live set-up you’re bringing along?

AnD: We generally bring a lot of different hardware and have an idea beforehand in our heads of what we can work with on these machines, apart from that we will see on the night!

Dasha Rush: Machines, machines, machines! It changes slightly from one to another. From my part technically, a 909, an Octatrack, an Acidlab, an MAM, and sometimes other synths. To be honest, I think this isn’t enough to describe the music – that comes out in the moment of creation, from many important elements in the moment, such as the venue, people, sound system, and even the position of the moon.

How will you both complement the performance in your DJ sets?

AnD: The first few hours will have a deeper, more atmospheric and experimental side we will build the night up, it’s not going to be 140BPM from the start of the night. We like to take people through a whole amalgamation of sounds across the night.

Dasha Rush: Let's take it smoothly and deeply, and progressively move towards more driving and mad places.

Finally what can we expect from you together release wise?

AnD: At the minute we’re not sure, but let’s see what happens!

Dasha Rush: If I may say so, sometimes, too many expectations might kill the beauty of the experience. At first, you can expect an intense musical journey, joy of techno and of course our sincere involvement as performers. Leave your expectations and jump into the feeling of improvisation! With that said, we’ve picked a few tracks to represent the mood that would be great to create in our sets. From the deepest pits of our fragile souls, to the fires of the hearts that never ceases to burn…

    Dasha Rush’s 5 tracks

Untitled – Brixton [Holzplatten]

Untitled – Robbert Mononom [Mononom]

Ocean Shy – Dasha Rush [Deep Sound Channel]

Axe Breaker – Curley & Unit Moebius [kibra-HACHA]

Laika – Biosphere [Biophon]

    AnD’s 5 tracks

Murtaja – Panasonic [Sähkö]

Subtext – The 65D Mavericks [Blueprint]

Ionic – Porter Ricks [Force Inc. Music Works]

Metro – Joey Beltram [Tresor]

Over Land & Sea – The Mover [Planet Core Productions]


Saturday 8th December

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