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Love Child meet Adonis!

Love Child is back this Sunday, as Adonis! bring Violet, Grace Sands and Sonikku to Room One alongside Josh Caffe. Founded by Londoner Shay Malt, Adonis! is one of the capital’s best LGBTQ parties, bringing the cream of house and techno to play in front of an open-minded crowd. Ahead of their first EC1 showcase with us, Love Child resident Josh sat down with Shay to hear more about what to expect from the party.

Josh: So let’s start from the beginning, why did you start Adonis!?

Shay: I had a studio across the road from Five Miles and saw them building it and thought, this would be a great spot for a party. I didn’t really do anything about it but then came back from Glastonbury buzzing and decided to get the ball rolling with it. After three events there, my friend Stuart Glen opened The Cause just down the road and I knew it would be the perfect home for us. Since we moved there, it’s really become something else!

Josh: What can we expect on Sunday afternoon?

Shay: I think the thing that makes Adonis! is the crowd. Of course the music has a lot to do with it, but I think the crowd is the reason people keep coming back. We get everyone and anyone there, but no one is pretentious at all. Everyone is care-free and just having their best time.

Josh: Do you have any favourite moments?

Shay: They all kind of blur into one for me! I think Hannah Holland playing her 8-hour marathon in November was quite a special evening. I also loved when Princess Julia turned the music down mid set to shout “Sharon, I like your hair!” across the dancefloor. Plus the first party we did at the Cause when there was no air con, and people came out with prune fingers!

Josh: Can you name one Adonis! tune that gets everyone going?

Shay: It has to be Turn Me On by Danny Tenaglia and Liz Torres.

Josh: You took part in the Love Child TALKS panel discussion on segregation in the LGBTQ community this week, how important is the topic to you?

Shay: It’s really important to me that we come together as a community. I think we are in an exciting time where there is a reunification happening in the queer club scene. It’s definitely something that as promoters we need to encourage and nurture.

Josh: What’s in store for Adonis! in 2019?

Being asked to be part of something at fabric has been a real highlight of the year so far! We have a really great summer lined up with things happening at quite a few festivals, prides and we are also going back to Ibiza to be part of Guy Williams’ Flash party at Pikes hotel. Our resident Gideön of Block9 has also come on board as a co-booker for us, so we have some fantastic DJs lined for the rest of the year too! Watch this space.

Sunday 17th March

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