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DEBONAIR shares six of her latest club weapons

NTS Radio is home to many of London’s best DJs, but DEBONAIR might be one of the station’s most versatile selectors. On her biweekly Thursday afternoon show, she’ll typically draw for anything from cold post-punk and brittle EBM to classic four-to-the-floor, and in recent years she’s steadily built a devoted following of listeners thanks to her inimitable playing style. It’s also helped bring her exposure on the club circuit, where she displays her vast knowledge of electronic music with the same dexterous approach (anyone who caught her at Midland’s FABRICLIVE 94 launch party in September 2017 will have seen this first hand). This Saturday she returns alongside Mount Kimbie, Paranoid London and nd_baumecker, and before joining us, she sent over a typically mixed bag of records she’s been hammering in her club sets.

Xin – Myopia [Subtext]

Thoroughly disorientating and magnificent, I've started a couple of memorable sets in different continents with this song. It certainly calls for attention and sets the stage for what's to come.

Giant Swan – 55 Year Old Daughter [Keck]

This is the lead track from Giant Swan's debut album and exemplifies a lot of what I love about disruptive dancefloor music. Choppy and foreboding, its bassline builds this eerie sense of dread at the same time as ramping you up for the rave – it's a beauty.

Wilted Woman – Lon Lon Night Vision [Phantasy Sound]

Super fun and off-kilter, this track always seems to induce some wonderfully zany moves and freshen up all the gremlins, so of course I love to drop it whenever I can tell the dancefloor needs a little spruce.

Photonz – Ode to Nuit [Dark Entries]

Photonz is a prolific artist who has really mastered so many different energies within his productions. This deep and driving anthem really holds the focus of the room and lets them know you're ready for business (techno). It's great to drop after you've warmed up and are about to take a left turn into darker territories.

Miiia – Hal:trephes Mass: in My Dream [Kepler 452b]

Crashing electro drums juxtaposed against dreamy synths and spoken vocals make this track tough as nails and euphoric all at the same time. I much prefer music that isn't prescriptive, which is probably why I'm so drawn to this.

Ciel – Cyber Script '93 [Orphan]

Ciel has to be one of the most talented artists to emerge in recent years; her mixes highlight her deep understanding of music and her productions are wonderfully singular – she's in her own lane for sure. To me, this track sounds like an avant-garde take on UK funky, and I'm 100% here for it.

Saturday 16th November

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