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Sunil Sharpe’s techno treasures

Sunil Sharpe is a techno machine. Catch the Dublin DJ play, and you’ll usually find him darting between the decks and his record box at lightning pace, flicking through the next vinyl to be mixed in with the precision of a sniper. While these records always traverse across styles, moods and eras, it’s the abundance of blistering techno in his collection that’s become his main weapon. As he joins us for another attack on the senses this Saturday, he sent over a list of some of the recent treasures that haven’t left his bag this year.

Atom Heart – Grid of Time [after 6 am]

You would need to be a very dedicated completist to even own a fraction of Uwe Schmidt's discography, and luckily having ones like this reissued, makes catching up that little bit easier. Made back in 1993, Grid of Time has a trippy, tech-trance style of its own with some bonus acid thrown in there too. Look out for Schizofunktion on the flip also, a tougher and more menacing companion track.

Garies – Crash Course [Major Problems]

Is extraordinary how the Garies album from New Jackson and Lumigraph didn't get more attention last year. So many good records are either being missed or just not highlighted by those that could give them the column space they deserve, which is a real shame. Imagine Juan Atkins made this? People would be saying it was the best thing he had done in years. If you missed it in 2018, then track it down in 2019!

Dan Curtin – District Omega [Bluemoog Music]

Dan Curtin is one of the kings of the mutant techno groove. So much colour and detail, lots of swing, and always retaining a very live feel, unlike a lot of dance music that is as cleanly-produced. There is not nearly enough groove-based material like this around but it’s nice that there are still producers like him, DJ Skull, Aubrey and so on, who still do this bumpin’ style of techno so well.

Jerm – Breaking Point [Analogue]

A really enjoyable part of travelling to different countries, is getting to know the resident DJs and organisers of the nights. I love playing for Analogue in Athens, they are long-time techno fans, and remember many of the same records and periods in this music from the past too. One of the residents Jerm has appeared on their in-house label before, but this one is from his first solo EP and he has definitely risen to the occasion. Pure power on this, like an angry Mike Parker!

999999999 – 000000005 [NineTimesNine]

This Italian duo are really taking their harder acid sound into exciting new territory. Yes it's sounding more “big room” than before, but that's part of what's really getting better with their records – the sound is bigger and chunkier, and this one is literally like a bomb detonating in a club. One of the best new acts in the game right now.

Saturday 9th February

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