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Uncovering Patrice Bäumel’s current favourites

Patrice Bäumel has a certain way of playing records. The idea of a “journey” is one of dance music’s most tired buzzwords, but during his slow-burning techno sets there’s often a palpable sense of direction to the mix. Naturally a lot of this comes from decades of honing his mixing technique, though the most important factor might be his ear for picking out records from across the spectrum. While it’s tempting to associate Bäumel with what he calls “trance-inducing” moments, usually these are paired with records that display his love for tension and build-up. This makes Bäumel an interesting pick to kick off our In the Bag series, a new feature looking at what electronic music’s top DJs are playing right now. Landing ahead of his return to Room One next weekend, Bäumel introduced his list by telling us:

“The brief for this piece was to talk about a few records that have been released in the last few weeks that I love using in my sets. However, my way of finding music is never based solely on looking at the newest tracks. Instead, I pick an interesting artist and listen through the entire back catalogue, trying to find hidden gems. That approach helps me find records nobody else is looking at, at the same time my hit rate goes way up. Not all of the records listed here will be super new, but they are fresh and relevant to my ears and worth sharing with you nonetheless. Let’s begin.”

Undulation – Edit Select [Soma Quality]

Edit Select is probably my favourite pure techno act of the last few years. I love how his productions feel massive, timeless, patient and elegant. Undulation is the crown jewel on his recent album on Soma. It’s the perfect trance-inducing crowd control record that simply locks the dancefloor into a groove without any pompous effects, bells or whistles.

Burning With You – Woo York [Afterlife]

Muscular, stripped-down acid techno that creates a ton of space and contrast in my sets. The drum programming is perfect, reduced and modern. My favourite Afterlife record of the moment.

Borders (Eitan Reiter Remix) – Jossie Telch [Undergroove Music]

I recently discovered Eitan, who is one of the few artists equally comfortable in techno, progressive and psytrance. His back catalogue is a treasure trove, and this remix in particular is a weapon – psychedelic magic that takes you on a journey.

Synthesia – FunkForm [Open]

I love records that operate just under the surface. There is a restraint euphoria in this track that works so well when a party is already in full swing and it’s time for the business class tracks to teleport the dancefloor to the next level.

Planetary (RPO Part 1) – Rick Pier O’Neil [RPO]

Progressive is at its best for me when it’s not caked in sugary melodies but stripped to its essentials, trippy and irresistibly groovy. Like this tune.

Look How Hard I’ve Tried – Barker [Ostgut Ton]

This is the best record Ostgut Ton have released in quite a while. It defies categorisation – is it techno or is it electronica? All I know is that it makes my brain tingle, and lightens up my day every time I put it on.

Saturday 21st July

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