In The Company Of...Sascha Funke

Sascha Funke is a beloved regular to fabric, especially for our Sunday night standard WetYourSelf! Coming from the heart one of Berlin’s most loved labels BPitch control his productions are blended; super tight production stirring warm overtones, they’re just what you need at the peak of a Sunday night session. Joining Sascha and the WYS! residents is Rhythmatic man, Wesley Razzy a regular London crowd pleaser known for his deep groove tech house and of course all of the WYS! crew - Jacob Husley, Cormac and Peter Pixel.

In this interview the WYS! guys catch up with the Berlin based producer ahead of his appearance this Sunday and have uncovered for us, an exclusive revelation on Sascha’s latest project…

Jacob Husley: Did you always want to work with music, or have you had other ambitions?
Well, when I was young I always dreamed of becoming a professional football player for my favourite team FC Köln so I started playing in a little football club in east Berlin. But that stopped when the wall came down and I started listening to electronic music…

JH: What has been your musical journey?
I never played in any band projects; I went straight into producing electronic music.

JH: Have you always released as Sascha Funke? If not what was the first track you ever released?
Yes I always released under this name. My first record I did was on Kompakt nr. 13 (it was not a bad luck number for me!) called ‘Campus’ in 1999.

JH: You live in Berlin. What do you love most about the city?
It´s pretty relaxed and spacious here. It has the right balance of a big city and a village. You can still afford a good way of living but I have to say that I´m really missing the spring/summer. It has been a hard winter here.

JH: This will be your 3rd gig for WYS! in London. What would you say is difference between playing in London and Berlin?
Well, apart from fabric and WYS! I don’t actually really know much about the club scene in London. London is fabric and fabric is London for me. It fills me with child like excitement when I come and play! In Berlin I mainly play at the Watergate, which is still a solid spot for nightlife in Berlin. But honestly since so many people are travelling around Europe I don’t see any big differences in nightlife between the two cities.

Cormac: Your studio is at the BPitch office, has this changed the way you work? Do Ellen and the crew pop in to check what your up to?
I just moved with my studio into mine and Julienne’s apartment. We had a month off last autumn in the Bourgogne and started spontaneously making music together. This went so great that when we got back we set up all the instruments at home. We have so much fun and are really happy with our new life - after finishing breakfast we have a 2 meters walk to start a new song.

Peter Pixel: All of us loved your last album ‘Mango.’ When can we expect another full length album from you?
Well, here’s the breaking news exclusively for you. As I said before Julienne and I started our own music project called Saschienne. We started working together in November in Burgundy and we are about to finish this album over the next few weeks. Julienne is on keys, she has an amazing talent for the right melodies and moods, and generally I do the percussion, bass and some little details. We’ve also done some vocals together.

All I can say is that after being a solo artist for so long I am so happy to work this way and the past 3 months were my biggest creative kick of my musical career to date. I’ll definitely be playing some of our tracks at WYS! Julienne and I are so excited to hear our music at Julienne's old club - it´s gonna be really emotional for us.

WYS!: On your last WYS! date with us, you stole fabric’s beloved Julienne, are you planning to return her soon?
Julienne is missing you all a lot (especially missing kicking your arses) but as far as I can see, she´s enjoying her new life in Berlin with me. As I said we’re bringing new music to London - our music! So watch out!

WYS! with Sascha Funke is this Sunday, for more info and tickets go here.

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