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Lena Cullen

A vocal collaborator who works with artists across the genre spectrum, Lena Cullen, will be breaking her fabric duck a week on Friday at Dub Police’s 4th birthday party in Room One. To better introduce the singer songwriter, who’s worked with DP artists Caspa and Emalkay and Maya Jane Coles as She Is Danger, we figured we’d let her do it in her own words, with us simply providing prompts to get to know her better.

You’re appearing here on the 5th for Dub Police. You worked with Emalkay on The World. How did you find that experience?
I've always been a fan of his, so I was thrilled when he asked me to feature on his album. He's a top bloke and an absolute pleasure to collaborate with.

How did you get involved with the Dub Police guys? I mean you collaborate a bit with Engine Earz right? Is that how the intro came about? How did DP reach out to you?
My first connection with Dub Police happened when Subscape did a wicked remix of the She is Danger track ‘Hurt You’. Then Emalkay supported my collaboration with Engine Earz, ‘Reach You’, in his sets. Trolley Snatcha did a banging remix of ‘The World’ and I'm now featuring on Caspa's new album... so it all just naturally evolved. They are all so humble, funny, supportive and full of good vibes. You can't but feel part of the family when you’re around them.

You’re gonna be performing the track live in Room One, how does that feel? Have you been to any Dub Police events here before? Are you looking forward to it?
Yeah I’m well excited to play at DP's event... can't wait to play some of my new tracks through fabric’s mighty soundsystem... I've been to a lot of their events and always have the best night ever! You just don't know where the time goes, when you come out and its morning and you think 'was I really raving for that long?' A sign of a wicked night that.

You also make up part of She Is Danger with Maya Jane Coles. How does that work as a collaboration?
Yeah we made a lot of music together me and Maya, we really buzz creatively together; she has such a deep rooted musical sense, she's a genius that girl! I guess because we both can put our hand to a lot of different things musically we were able to gel a varied bunch of different skills together, it just kinda clicked. Because of our solo commitments we never got to the point of releasing anything but we hope to bring She Is Danger back one of these fine days...

I hear you are working on an LP. Can you tell us a bit about that at all? What else is coming up from you in the future?
I’ve been writing so many songs lately it’s unreal! I’ve been writing lots for my album but also as features for other artists as well. I locked myself away in my cave with my piano and just totally got lost in it. I’ve been collaborating with some incredible producers, Subscape, Emalkay, Loadstar, Delta Heavy, Cutline, Drumsound and Bassline Smith, Stinkahbell, Pyramid, Killagraham & Systemik. I’m looking forward to trying some out live a week on Friday....

Catch Lena Cullen on 5th October in Room One.

Photo: Chris Fergusson

Friday 5th October

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