Introducing... Blond
Introducing... Blond:ish + Their fabric Promo Mix

Blond:ish are Anstascia and Vivie-Ann – a fresh DJ and production pairing hatched out of Montreal and who’ve rooted themselves currently in London. Last year was a breakthrough time for the dexterous blonde duo after Philipp Jung of M.A.N.D.Y opened his set at a jungle party in Mexico with their playful house track, "In My Head” and instantly signed it to his Get Physical label. It was an elevating moment that put Blond:ish firmly on the music map winning them releases on Kompkat and Noir Music, sending them across the globe to play a series of parties with a long stint in Mexico which they've found so inspiring that they will travel back there this year to set to work on their debut album.

It gives us great pleasure to welcome Blond:ish back after they tore the lid off our Room Three for their first time last year; on 2nd March they return to harness and channel their brand of electronic driven soul energy from the booth to the floor next to Hunter/Game - remixers of their excellent 'Lonely Days' EP last year. Read on as Blond:ish show us a distinguishable deep side to their personalities and reveal some pretty bugged out thoughts on the possibilities of living tandem in another dimension...

In their words, the mix available for you to download below is, "a timeless mix which can be heard in many different settings outside the club with tracks that we don’t necessarily get into a live set in a techno club at peak time. At the moment, we’re really feeling certain artists like NU, Acid Pauli, Christian Loffler amongst others and rarely get to play their records, so we took this as a good opportunity to have a bottle of wine, mix & enjoy some of them. We suggest you do the same."

DOWNLOAD: Blond:ish fabric Promo Mix

Great to meet you Blond:ish. Can you introduce yourselves for our readers?
We’re Blond:ish. Anstascia and Vivie-ann, currently based out of London, but from Montreal. Were not sisters or gay lovers, just two friends who have similar visions. We take our music seriously, just no so much ourselves. Super sarcastic all the time, gets us in trouble in some foreign countries.

Our music isn’t very categorical, in a sense that we don’t really wanna be branded to one genre of house music. It's a mix between deep dark twisted melancholic make you wanna take your clothes off electronic music.

How would you describe your working relationship? Who does what in the studio and behind the decks?
VIV: Our working relationship is great. Since we came from different music backgrounds, we used to disagree about certain records when we used to play together when Blond:ish first started. But now we definitely have really similar taste in music and what we want to achieve in the studio. Anstascia loves to work on the meat (melody, top lines) of the tracks. I’m more into making a solid groove, and a bit obsessed with chord progressions/ arpeggios. Then we combine the two projects and go full force on it together, but the process always changes from track to track. We like to be efficient and not always work on the same thing at the same time. Its been working for us brilliantly! We always take our projects to the mixing studio afterwards to polish things off with some UAD plugins.

Would you say you’re still learning from each other each day you grow as Blond:ish?
ANSTASCIA: I think that if you stop learning, then there’s no point going on! Learning is key to evolution and generally the people whom you’re closest to become mirrors to reflect things you need to improve on yourself. Viv has taught me a lot of nerdy things as well as business sense and I think Viv would say she has become a lot more spiritual and health conscious because of me. We’ve really rounded each other out as individuals.

2012 was a breakthrough year for you both. Can you pick some of the highlights?
It all started at a Jungle party in Mexico when Philipp M.A.N.D.Y. opened with one of our records. We didn’t realize he had it and he also didn’t know it was our track, nor did he know who BLOND:ISH was. The crowd went nuts and he signed “In my head” to Get Physical right then and there and welcomed us to the family.

Our Kompakt EP did quite well and a lot of opportunities arose from it. Pete Tong has also been a huge support for Hunter & Game’s remix of our “Lonely Days” track on Noir and made it his essential new tune on radio 1.

Our main gig highlights were definitely playing at Panorama bar, Piknik Electronic in Montreal and Barcelona as well as a mindblowing gig on top of the robot heart art car at Burning Man. Cherry on the cake was the flying circus party in Playa Del Carmen for New years surrounded by our amazing music family and friends. This past year over exceeded our expectations and we are super grateful for all those who are supporting us.

How do you intend to go one further this year? What are you most excited about?
This year we decided to take the leap and create an album. We have a ridiculously long list of artists and instrumentalists we would like to collaborate with and another really long list of ideas and inspirations. We’re going to spend some more time in obscure pockets of Mexico and do some recording there with all sorts of exotic instrumentation. So now, it’s just about putting the puzzle pieces together and getting in the right studio groove in between touring. Also really looking forward to going to Australia and Asia for the first time this year.

How was your tour in the US & Canada? What are your top three vices when travelling on the road?
This past tour was the most incredible trip to date. We were away for 2 months and everyone asks if it was exhausting, but it wasn’t because of the fact everything was well balanced. We got to sneak time in with friends and family that we don’t get to see quite often in cities such as LA, Buenos Aires, Rio, Montreal, Toronto, New York, Miami. Best of all we were based out of Tulum, Mexico for 3 weeks and this place can completely re-energize a person for the entire year, just so much love there.

Our Top 3 vices would have to be:

1. White Wine
2. Duct tape (viv is obsessed and will generally tape everything and anything if she finds it in the club)
3. Staying up longer just so we can get breakfast at the hotel then passing out.

What did the scene in Montreal offer you as two burgeoning DJs and producers? How has London been a game changer for you both since moving here?
Montreal has a relatively small scene compared to London so everyone pretty much knows everyone there. That made it easier to start our own night at Cherry on Wednesdays where Blond:ish was born. We developed a sizeable network and fan base by promoting and DJing there for our one year weekly residency and it definitely helped open a lot of doors.

Fast forward to London and it has definitely shaped us as producers. Not only have we been able to focus a lot more in the studio (less distractions for us than Montreal) but we’ve experienced a whole new dimension in clubbing by going to various east London parties. Hearing all the incredible artists that come through here every week have inspired us to make music that really represents what we’re into.

Where do you both like to hang out in London and relax?
We love this city but we're not here on weekends and during the week we're eating quite healthy and have a studio routine, so we don’t have the opportunity to go out much. I don't know if its complete relaxation, but we "hang out "at the bootcamp pilates and yoga studios and when we can make it definitely at the street feasts in East London and some pop up restaurant events! Our friend Dominic puts them on and his creativity never stops to amaze us.

Talk us through your "Lovers In Limbo" EP out on Kompakt inspired by your curiosity of the late 60's musical movement. We want to know more about your passion for this music era?

We think the initial fascination came deeply rooted from our parents. Viv’s had a reel II reel playing non stop in their house. Even though we didn’t grow up together, we coincidentally each have had our separate similar experiences.

Frolicking through the (burning man) desert opened our eyes to a whole new spectrum of music, art & thinking through the exploration of psychedelics, concepts of the space/time travel and parallel universes.

Musically, we just wanted to embody our experiences through the use of loose guitars, organic programming and a splash of free spirit - create music that gets under your epidermis. As we’re attempting to constantly evolve our sound and ideas, we both agree that its all about exploring the outer limits of consciousness, the human experience, making things legendary and close to the heart.

If we could live in tandem in another dimension, we would spend our lives dedicated to exploring music through different experiments with psychedelics and its relation to music production, the brain, images, colors, art and how to make the world a happier place. Music is directly connected to emotions and we would love to dig deeper into this phenomenon. Things just seemed so free and loose, less regimed, that’s how we wish life was today (in some ways), we’re doing our best to make life around us this way in every way we can. A definite burning man mentality. There is no doubt we would be serious hippies and out there in the fields eating granola.

Blond:ish will be in Room Three next Saturday, while Petre Inspirescu will be celebrating the release fabric 68 in Room One. More info and tickets are here.

Saturday 2nd March

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