Bot & his Late Night Mix for FABRICLIVE

It’s pretty hard to talk about Andrea Fratangelo without first mentioning the fact that up until a while ago he was making music as part of the Italian production duo, Crookers. Now holed up in West London working on his own material under the Bot name, he’s frankly disassembled any expectations you might have about his music and rebuilt his arsenal for dancefloors in 2013. As this 24 Minute Production Showcase Mix fully illustrates, Fratangelo is taking his newfound experimentalism straight to the feet of those people keen to be locked into his transmissions, something we’re looking forward to experiencing him do first hand when he plays for Jack Beats Love in Room One on Friday 8th February.

So, we caught up with the prolific producer in between studio sessions to ask him a little bit more about the project and grab our an exclusive mix all of our own…

Download: Bot – ‘Late Night’ Mix for FABRICLIVE

Obviously there’s a bit of a burning question concerning your decision to continue on after Crookers, just as Bot. What made you want to go it on your own? Was it a creative difference or more of a personal (out)growth?
I won't go into details, but it was a bit of both. I'm not feeling weird about it, I’m more happy to realise how good it feels to be where I am now, and being able to start something that's entirely mine again. It is challenging, and a bit scary, but more than that it's exciting and motivating.

Would you say the music you’ll be releasing as Bot be of a similar vein to the music you made as Crookers? Or will it be a completely new direction?
I'd say it will go in a different direction, and the more time passes, the more it will do so. I'm taking more time to be in the studio and produce properly, and I have to admit I've been enjoying it a lot. Having the chance to experiment and keep working on one track until it feels ready, without deadlines and pressure makes a big difference.

Can you tell us a little bit about the projects you have coming up? What’s you release schedule looking like so far?
My first EP will be released by in March by Mad Decent's free label, called Jeffree's. Its two tracks for the club heavily influenced by South American rhythms, Cumbia and their crazy triplet grooves. But with a twist in the tempo and general feeling of the track; it's what I like to do most, take musical elements from different genres and make them work as effectively in a new context.

Remixes and more releases will follow soon, and I'm producing beats for other people too. In the next few days you can hear a track of mine on LE1F's mixtape 'Fly Zone' featuring Spank Rock.

What else are you looking forward to this year?
Enjoying every bit of this new start, and trying to learn new productions tricks and techniques as much as possible. Re-experiencing everything with new eyes and more awareness, and continuing to build towards a unique style... OK I'm stopping now, before I sound too much like a zen master.

You’re joining us on the 8th Feb, what can we expect from your set? Is this mix a good indication of the sorts of things we can expect to hear you play?
This mix is one for the late nights, and since I will be playing from 4-6am it reflects more or less the sounds I will be playing, even though the mix crosses genres more than I usually would in a set. I don't prepare entire sets though, so depending on the crowd and situation, it might change dramatically so suit the vibe. That's why it still makes sense to have DJs instead of press play performers. I’m looking forward to the 8th! Hope you enjoy the mix!

Bot – Late Night Mix for FABRICLIVE
1. Trust Intro - Gold Panda
2. Floyd's peaking - Bot & Acid Jacks
3. Pump up the Valium - Zombie Disco Squad Bootleg
4. Kyss - NT89
5. New York Anthem - Tony Quattro
6. Romanthony -Let Me Show You Love (Oliver $ Main Mix)
7. All That You Do - Chicken Lips (Joe Goddard Remix)
8. Starfox - Mele
9. Inside Me - Unknown (Roska RMX)
10. The Way - Mixhell (Sinden RMX)
11. Exit Wound - Mixhell (Bot RMX)
12. Robi Uppin - Coffee Bar Discussions
13. Warehouse - Egotroopers
14. Put It In The Trunk - Jean Nipon
15. Brandy - Slower (produced by Switch)
16. Booster - Aquadrop

Catch Bot performing in Room One alongside Mark Ronson, Jack Beats, Proxy and Smutlee on Friday 8th February.

Friday 8th February

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