Introducing...Botnek and Their FABRICLIVE Promo Mix

In just under two weeks time Jack Beats return to Farringdon for their hotly followed FABRICLIVE residency in Room One. As well as the B2B pairings of Benga & Youngman and Zinc & MC Script, Canada's Botnek are joining in on the action. Since releasing their first EP last year on Discobelle, the label offshoot of the hyper cool and influential blog of the same name, they've garnered the attention of such artists as Annie Mac and Buraka Som Sistema for their blend of afrobeat and Dutch House inspired sonic arrangements.

So we wasted no time in getting to know the tropical house duo better ahead of their debut with us and we also hooked up a FABRICLIVE Promo Mix to boot.


For those who may not be acquainted with your sound, can you introduce yourself in 10 words?
Fun, bouncy dance music made by two Canadian class clowns.

What have you been working on recently?
For the past six months or so we’ve had the opportunity to work on some pretty cool remixes, for names like Crookers, Buraka Som Sistema and Tocadisco. But up next we’re really excited to finally be finishing our follow up to last year’s “Plonk” EP, as well as some fresh edits for our upcoming UK/Europe tour.

How did you get involved with dance music?
Both of us started teaching ourselves how to produce electronic music when we were teenagers, growing up listening to a lot of electronic music legends like the Chemical Brothers, the Prodigy and Daft Punk. When we met we were both working on very different stuff, but found we were able to work really well together. The shift towards dance music was I guess a natural progression once we started going to clubs, DJing and following the EDM scene.

How would you describe the music you make?
The kind of music we like to make is gonna be effective in the clubs, and never too serious or dark. We always tend to use housey afrobeat rhythms as the base, add in a techno influence, and using synth hooks that sound a little different or catch your ear. We get really excited by hearing fresh sounds, so it’s always our personal challenge to make ourselves laugh in the studio by creating some bonkers synth sound, and then making it somehow work as a dance track!

Can you tell us more about upcoming music from you?
The big thing for us this year will be our next EP (or two!) which will hopefully be out by the summer, as well as some collaboration tracks that we never dreamt would happen, but are very excited to show people… can’t say much more than that for now! You can just expect a lot of new originals from us this year for sure, some of which are previewed in the mix we did for you guys!

Ahead of your set here what can we expect from the night?
Well, big thanks to Jack Beats for asking us to do this, we are huge fans of their stuff, considering we love fresh sounds. Those guys have never been afraid to let things get a little wacky in their tracks! So I guess first we’ll have to skip any of the Jack Beats tracks we would normally play in a set, and settle for trying out all of the new material we’ve been hiding for the past few months! So lots of new Botnek tunes, along with a mix of funky, bleepy tropical house stuff, and some big room techno stuff as well.

Friday 2nd March

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