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We’ve always maintained a lot of excitement for the first time an artist walks through the labyrinth of our heavy metal doors to perform in Farringdon for the first time. On Saturday, our buzz turns up a notch for a double head to head debut in Room Two from Minus man Ambivalent and Clink label boss Camea who'll be exploring the far reaching realms of techno with close friend Alexi Delano. The raw experience coming to Room Two on Saturday is a feeling Camea knows only too well, for her amazing adventure has seen her take in difference scenes and modern cultures of the techno landscape from Seattle to Brooklyn to her home town of Berlin today. Camea sits proud in the city for for a high level of precision on her label Clink releasing the likes of Tim Xavier, Ambivalent, Mark Henning and her own productions since 2005 and you can find out exactly how she's done it all in our interview below...

DOWNLOAD: Camea fabric Promo Mix

Hi Camea, can you introduce yourself for our readers?
Hello, my name is Camea, I'm a music-aholic. I have been DJing for 13 years and mostly play house and techno music. I own Clink Recordings and am currently signed to BPitch Control.

How did you make the transition from playing in bands in your youth to playing in the burgeoning underworld of techno?
I went to my first electronic music event in Vancouver, Canada in 1997 and was hooked from there. I
have always looked at DJing like learning another musical instrument, so I never really had a transition period, I just kept moving forward with music in a different way. I grew up in Seattle where it rains a lot; so hanging out in dark warehouses listening to techno music was pretty suiting to our atmosphere.

What were the first labels that really caught your attention and you felt immediately drawn too?
Honestly? If I tell it straight, I have to say Bedrock. I was a massive Bedrock/Global Underground fan
when I first started collecting records but the first labels that really caught my attention and focused
my artistic energy were early releases on imprints like Perlon, Minus, Playhouse and Spectral.

You made the move from Seattle to Brookyln to residing now in Berlin. How have these different cities influenced to become the person you are today?
Growing up in a city as geographically isolated as Seattle, you dream a lot about what the rest of the
world is like. I think that's how I got my travel bug, which is also a big part of what drives my career. I love to visit new places and experience new things.

When I moved to Brooklyn it was just after September 11, and the world had changed so much in such a short period of time. I was quite shy and timid when I moved there, and the atmosphere toughened me up a lot and taught me street smarts.

Five years later when I finally arrived in Berlin, the pace was much slower and the city is so relaxed, it taught me how to pace myself a bit.

It was in Brooklyn that you met close friends Ambivalent, Alexi Delano, Tim Xavier and started Clink. Can you tell us about this time in your life, the ups and the challenges?

We all met in Brooklyn during an interesting time in dance music. "Minimal" was having its wave and I guess our love for it and the New York music scene brought us together. I became inspired to start a label, and I was lucky enough that they all wanted to release on it. Ambivalent's first EP was on Clink!

We have all grown and changed a lot since those times, but they are still some of my very best friends. We have all had ups and downs since then (Clink started in 2005), but I think everyone has come to really great places in their career and I'm super grateful for all of the good times that we have had together.

Finally, whatʼs new on Clink that we should be looking out for?
To be honest I have been so busy this year touring and working with BPitch Control that I have not had much time for Clink! So stay tuned.

Saturday 15th September

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