Clouds & their FABRICLIVE x Blood Music Mix

When you google ‘Clouds Turbo’ you’re presented with a lot of information but it’s quite telling that most of it starts with ,or centres around, the fact that Clouds is a duo of young producers from Perth in Scotland. Maybe that’s just the angle music journalists take when presented with the fact that they were both born in 1991, but with the duo admitting in interviews that they’re probably more influenced by modern day artists than classic Detroit producers, you start to get a handle on the type of self-effacing honesty that two Perthshire dwellers deliver.

Their latest EP for Tiga’s Turbo imprint, the Consciousness EP, is kind of unabashed in how full on techno it is. In the same way that someone like Randomer, who actually appears on the EP remixing the title track, makes dancefloor music that won’t ever compromise on punch, the Clouds lads have a real knack for constructing heavy rolling rhythms, that would do well to punish a decent dancefloor. Their music has appeared in the record boxes of DJs across the spectrum of dance music after Tiga held on to ‘Conciousness’ for a long while, using it as his secret weapon, but now that their secret is out they’re still letting the music do most of the talking.

Appearing in Room One for the next Blood Music takeover, the label they released ‘Liquid’ on back in 2010, on Friday 21st September, we thought it only right to try and get something a little more revealing out of them ahead of the event. We got a mix, which is delightfully hard, but whether we found out anything more revealing than their passions for ‘simple grooves and chubby moves’...

Download: Clouds - FABRICLIVE x Blood Music Mix

Can you introduce Clouds for us?
Hello, we are 20 and 21 respectively and live in Perth, Scotland.

What was the magic moment that brought you both together to start Clouds?
We went to high school together and hung out a lot but not doing anything musical. Football in the park, chasing the gulls, it was all fairly low key at this point. It was the summer of 2008, Jumpstyle was at its peak and we wanted in on the action. We never managed to get in on the action.

What other DJ combo’s do you admire for their connection behind the decks ?
Underground Persistence & Benga Boys.

Can you tell us about how you first hooked up with Tiga’s Turbo Recordings and came to release with them once again this month for the Consciousness EP? Hows the feedback been so far, since the EP hit the shelves?
We sent Tiga a couple of tracks through MySpace and within a week his brother, Thomas Von Party got back to us saying he checks the demos sent to Tiga and would like to sign them. The feedback for ‘Consciousness’ has been great, a lot of artists we really admire have said some very nice things about it. Richie Hawtin has been playing it recently which is really cool.

Are you looking forward to your Room One debut for the Blood Music : Fake Blood Yes/No Launch Party? Have you played together before? What’s the vibe like when you get to play?
Yeah we are really excited to be playing. We've played with Fake Blood a few times and it’s been great every time. The vibe is always a solid one.

Where do you hope to see yourselves in five year’s time from now? Have you got some exciting projects in the pipeline?
Hopefully we will be able to continue doing what we are doing now but on a more universal level. Intergalactic shows basically.

Can you tell us about the mix you’ve done for us and how it’s a reflection of the labels and artists you follow?
There is a lot of fast 90s techno which we love to play slowed down. It’s a pretty hard vibe, simple grooves and chubby moves.

Finally, can you tell us a quirky fact about yourselves that no one else knows yet?
Calum wears a hat.

Catch Clouds in Room One on 21st September for Fake Blood’s ‘YES/NO’ EP launch.

Friday 21st September

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