Introducing...Dachshund + His fabric Promo Mix

Based in Geneva, Switzerland, Dachsund love affair with music started back in the 90’s when he first started to listen to reggae. Picking up a guitar to form his own band and learning the craft of Jamaican sound engineers, his passion for dub started to work its way into his own early electronic music production and can be found on releases such as "V2E" (Sthlmaudio Records) or the remix he did for Ripperton titled "Farra“ (Dachshund Unreleased Dub.)

In an important time of his musical career, Dachsund has worked up close ties with renowned independent Berlin label, Highgrade with the excellent new “Extensive Forms EP“ composed at the same as working on his upcoming album out on Highgrade in October. We’re looking forward to hearing a preview of the tracks as well as more unheard releases in his highly anticipated Room Three set next Saturday for the Demo takeover with Terry Francis and Eddie Richards. Read on as we get Dachsunds latest news as well as his first rate fabric promo mix.

Good to meet you Dachshund. Where abouts are you based?
Good to meet you too. I'm living in Geneva, a small town located in the French part of Switzerland surrounded by chocolate and cheese mountains.

Tell us what’s in the name Dachshund?
Dachshund is the name of this long dog that looks more like a sausage with short legs. It comes from the German language and literally means badger dog. Unpronounceable by the French speakers, I didn't choose it because I am a fan of pets.

Reading your biography we got to know more about your reggae roots and long lasting love story with dub music. Can you tell us aboutthis has and how it nfluenced you as an artist during your career?
I started to listen to reggae in the early 90s. I was playing guitar for fun and decided to found a band with my mates. As we didn't have any singers in the crew, we played "dub" music. The passion started and I decided to go deeper into music production. After a while I played with a local band called "Restless Mashaits", they where really well connected with Jamaican artists. Their concept was to record the base of a song (drum, bass, keyboard, guitar) in Switzerland and then go to Jamaica for the rest of the production, recording singers, horns sections, percussion and also make the mixdown. This was the way to get the real reggae sound. I went to Jamaica once with a multitrack tape in the luggage with the mission to record a percussion player in a studio in Kingston. This is the first time I met Jamaican sound engineers and saw how they work on a mix. It can sound a bit "cliche", but it was a kind of revelation for me. I'm still impressed by the way mixing and transforming a song into a dub in real time.

What is your connection to Jamaica like today?
I've no more physical connection with Jamaica today, just keep the fascination for what's coming from this island, specially what has been created in the 70’s and 80’s and I‘m sometimes working with Jamaican singers that are in town.

“Somehow” on Num Records (Num records 014) has been acclaimed as your first international success. How did you get your big break?
This track was on my first EP under my moniker Dachshund. It reached few weeks the top 10 minimal sells. Even if I got a lot of feedback, at that time, I didn't realize that it was a success. But the most important thing is that it made me known by the people out of switzerland.

In what productions can your early dub musical production still be heard?
You can hear the influence of my dub roots on tracks like : "+ 91 ahead Dachshund Version" (Plak records) or "V2E" (Sthlmaudio records) or the remix I did for Ripperton called "Farra (Dachshund Unreleased Dub).On my upcoming album there is a radium called "Intensity Dub" where I tried to push the limits of my space echo, playing also with the analogue feedback from the decks. The result is raw and authentic. I'm looking forward to hear if people like it.

Tell us about the ”Extensive Forms EP" you released on Highgrade Records this year? What’s your relationship with the Highgrade crew?
Extensive Forms is a 3 tracks EP that I did compose at the same time as I was working on my album, it was quite spontaneous without asking any questions it just came out of my studio like this: pop! Highgrade is my German adoption family, I'm very proud to release on their label, specially with my upcoming album.

For those who haven’t seen you in the DJ box, what can they expect to from you next Saturday when you play in Room Three for Demo?
It will be a presentation of my new work, two new EPs, one I did with my mate Quenum, this will be released soon on Rebellion -the sub-label of Crosstown Rebel and one other EP, upcoming on Clapper.
I'm very excited about playing in fabric for the very first time you can hear some of my album tracks. I just finished it recently and the release date is in October so it's the time now to test the more danceable tracks on the dancefloor.

If you had to say, what have been some of your proudest achievements to date?
If I think about some releases, maybe my first output on Clapper with the track "Patte d'Oie". Patte d'Oie is the name of a area in Dakar, Sénégal, where I used to be. I really wanted to recreate the joyful atmosphere that I felt there. It's a melodic tune. If I think about personal goals, it would be the fact I get to play outside of Switzerland. I think I’m lucky because many good DJs don’t have this chance. I’ll be always thankful for that.

Tell us about the new label, Clapper you share with producer Quenum? What is the music philosophy behind it?
Clapper is born because we wanted to release our own music when ever we'd like to and what ever it is. The target wasn't to build a huge structure with many artist but more to express our mood of the moment.

What new projects are coming out on Clapper and what new faces have you got your eye on for the label?
The next EP is called "Jokari EP" and it's out the end of June. After this we will make a remix compilation with different artists, but I want to keep this a secret before its out.

How did you hook up with Demo for the Room Three takeover next Saturday?
The connection with the Demo is Eddie Richards, we met the first time in 2010 when he and his mates from Absurd Recordings invited me to play in Los Angeles. I'm always honored to play with him, if it happens again in London, Berlin or Geneva.

Finally, what are three things in life you can’t live without?
Cheese, love and my records of "Hugh Mundell".

Saturday 26th May

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