dRamatic & dbAudio and their Bukem In Session Mix

Another duo of Nottingham residents are making the trip down from the East Midlands for this month's Bukem In Session on Friday 30th November. As stern followers of drum & bass since the early 90s, dRamatic and dbAudio, have seen the scene weather and change but have managed to keep their own productions leaning on the more soulful side of the dancefloor. Ahead of their imminent appearance we caught up with them to better help them introduce themselves in the best way we know how, with a succinct mix of the music they love...

Download: dRamatic & dbAudio – FABRICLIVE x Bukem In Session Mix

For those who may not be acquainted with your sound, can you introduce yourself?
We are producers and DJs based in Nottingham who have both been involved in the drum & bass scene since the early 90’s.

What have you been working on recently?
We’ve been working on our next EP for Liquid V, a track for Soul Deep Recordings first vinyl release, more tracks for Innerground and many more rollers for Good Looking Records.

How did you get involved with d&b?
We both got involved in the scene in the early 90’s through picking up on the sound within groups of friends we were hanging with at the time. The sound of then was rave which sounded so fresh and exciting, we quickly saw rave turn into Jungle and when the scene started to break off into it’s different sub genres we both found our home within the deeper side of jungle which soon became known as liquid. But we’ve always appreciated all the different styles within d&b as long as there’s a vibe.

How would you describe the music you make?
Our sound was pretty well described by Nookie in his interview with ATM magazine back in 2009: “these guys are one of the few producers around who can do deep, musical tracks but still work on the dancefloor”. Although they were kind words from Nookie we feel there was real truth to them: our music is often melodic, deep with good vibes but they are made for the dancefloor so have that weight and energy.

Can you tell us more about upcoming music from you?
We’re just about to have our 3rd release on Mars Recordings which features a remix by Total Science they did of our tune called ‘Far Away’, the track features the soulful vocals of Grimm.

We’ve also got an exciting 2013 as it will see a tune we’ve done for David Boomah’s album dropping on V Recordings, a track called ‘No Return’ that will feature on Ingredients Records Mise en Place EP series, a track for Black Reflections recordings which will feature on a 12” vinyl release, a two track 12” collaboration we did with ARP-1 for Innerground Records and of course many tunes to be released on Good Looking Records.

Ahead of your set here at the end of the month, when you'll be joining Bukem in Room 2, what can we expect from the night?
An energetic set, full of funk, soul and vibes. A set filled with some of our friends’ music but a large chunk of our own tracks and collaborations. You can expect a couple of special dubs made just for the fabric night too! It’s really a special occasion playing at this night, alongside Bukem who has took the style of music we love to the big stage.


dRamatic & dbAudio – FABRICLIVE x Bukem In Session Mix

01. dRamatic & dbAudio feat Grimm - Far Away (Total Science Remix) - Mars Recordings
02. dRamatic & dbAudio - Get the Feeling - Liquid V
03. ARP-1, dRamatic & dbAudio - Storm Trooper - Innerground
04. dRamatic & dbAudio - Something Inside - Unsigned
05. Doctor P feat Jenna G - Neon Lights (dRamatic & dbAudio Remix) - Dub
06. ARP-1, dRamatic & dbAudio - Clash of the Kings - Innerground
07. dRamatic & dbAudio - Always Dancing - Unsigned
08. Dave Owen - YO Girl (dRamatic & dbAudio Remix) - Dub
09. dRamatic & dbAudio - Getting Stronger - Liquid v
10. Mr Joseph feat Kate White - I Still Love You - Liquid V
11. dRamatic & dbAudio - Years Ago - Unsigned
12. Total Science & S.P.Y feat. Kevin King - Past Lives (Lenzman Remix) - C.I.A.
13. Random Movement - All Wrong - Unsigned
14. dRamatic & dbAudio - Days Running Out - Mars Recordings
15. dRamatic & dbAudio - So Strong - Mars Recordings

Catch dRamatic & dbAudio in Room Two on Friday 30th November.

Friday 30th November

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