Introducing...Felipe Venegas + His fabric Promo Mix

Felipe Venegas is a Chilean musician/DJ and Producer who sits neatly on the branches of Cadenzas family tree. While studying classical music and theory at university in Santiago, Felipe escaped during weekends to the darkness of the clubs where everyone from Ricardo, Luciano, and Dandy Jack were all channeling a new culture of sound. Bursting with energy, excitement, and invention, he took his Latin heritage to the next level through the hybrid form of house and techno catching the attention of Cadenza boss Luciano who has gone on to release a slew of releases from him.

Felipe first arrived in Farringdon two years ago to play to an intimate Room Three crowd and next Saturday he’ll be making his Room One debut live, next to Terry Francis and Romanian techno royals Rhadoo and Cezar. Read on as he introduces us to his Latin background, Chile’s club scene, his label Drumma Records and his new projects coming on Cadenza. Complex rhythms arise in this special fabric mix he’s presented to us and you can work them out for yourself below.

DOWNLOAD: Felipe Venegas fabric Promo Mix

Good to meet you Felipe. Can you tell us about your Latin background and how this influences you as an artist?
My South American heritage is very strong. I was lucky to have an early education in music and dance, as my dad is a researcher of Latin American music, something like a musicologist. So at home there was always music from all different places of America, like Cuba, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, among others. When I was a child I absorbed this great influence and it will endure forever within my musical DNA.

Does Chile have a passionate club scene?
Chile has a scene, especially in the Summer when many DJs come to escape from the Northern hemisphere Winter season, during this period the scene thrives and at club level there are about 5 large spaces to play, being "La Feria " the best known in Santiago.

How did you first get seduced by the electronic world of music and what are some of your first experiences of clubbing?
While studying, I escaped during weekends to the clubs and there I could see Ricardo, Luciano, Dandy Jack and Dj Adrian play among others. At the time I was very intrigued by their sound, as a result, four years after, I played my first gig at a Summer festival, called Earthdance. I played with a jazz band something like "Jazzanova", we called ourselves Ritmical Baco, Electronic Jazz, and we did some versions of Miles Davis... wonderful times.

Where are you now currently with Cadenza as a family member?
It was around the time that Luciano was around town recording the "Ruta del Sol" across South America. He suddenly entered the club, and when I finished my set, he came over and started chatting to me. We connected really fast – it was really a beautiful moment. A few months later I released my first track "Drizzle" on Cadenza, and the rest is history.

Can you tell us about the mix you’ve put together for us? How is it a reflection of the sounds and styles you’re into?
It´s a special mix for my fabric performance. The last time I played was in 2010 in room 3, and it was a super intimate show, very close to the people with long melodic soundscapes. Now I´m doing a more groove-oriented performance, without forgetting my harmonic essence, but more heavy on the groove and also including some cuts and remixes I´ve made during my career.

What do you have planned for the rest of this year and next for future releases?
My current EP is out this month on Cadenza Records called “Ritmical Baco” and it has three very different tracks, it´s an EP for everyone.

After that I will release my first Ep on Cadenza Lab around mid October and I also will release some works on my own label called Drumma Records where I´m delivering both vinyl and digital releases – we've had some great feedback.
I am also collaborating with some friends that I hope will appear in a couple of good labels very soon. Then back to Sudamerica to play the whole summer 2013 season there.

Finally, what’s the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you whilst performing?
I have many stories but I still remember one time I played a gig in Colombia and the promoters picked me up at the hotel and said: "hey man, I want you to try some typical dishes from Medellin"... a lot of fried banana, beans, rice, meat.. you know. Well, it was a very bad choice of food right before playing, because I had to go to the toilet all night! I learnt my lesson and since that day I'd rather not eat before a gig!

Also performing on Saturday 29th September in Room Two is Skudge Live, Cosmin TRG and Untold. mUmU takeover Room Three. More info and tickets here:

Saturday 29th September