Frankee & His FABRICLIVE x Program Mix

When you get associated with a record label you’ve looked up to, respected and gone out of your way to purchase their output, it must be an incredible feeling, a moment full of joy, appreshension and giddy school girl excitement. It’s exactly the thing that happened to David Franks, aka Frankee, who’s been working alongside the Ram Records family and releasing music on their Program sub label. It’s not hard to see why Ram command such respect in drum & bass circles, they’ve had a level of quality control over their twenty year lifespan that other imprints would kill for, but to be a part of that ongoing legacy is something we felt the need to quiz Franks over ahead of his appearance at the Program hosted Room Three at the next, imminent edition of Ram’s residency here on Friday 1st February.

He also put together this high octane mix to better introduce his music and his style of DJing…

Download: Frankee – FABRICLIVE x Program Mix

For those who may not be acquainted with you or your sound, can you introduce yourself and your music? How would you describe the music you make?
I've been producing for about 6 years and DJing for about 15. Last year saw my debut release on Program 'Firethorn/Pandorum'. Whenever I sit down to make music I very rarely have a set plan. However I do have my own sample library that I’ve built up over the years so guess this is what gives my music my own sound. I’m a huge fan of the jungle sound so I like to incorporate that into my music whilst keeping it up to date

What have you been working on recently?
I’ve been working on various projects at the moment; the bad weather definitely means I spend a lot more time indoors. I’ve got another single for Program soon, I’ve been collaborating with Basher and we've come up with some music that I'm really excited about. I’m also really trying to get on the road as much as possible this year as the performing is what I really love doing so I'm really looking forward to the 1st February.

How did you get involved with d&b? You sound is very clean, who are the producers you look up to? Do you think their music has a big effect on what it is you produce?
I’ve been into d&b for a long time, since ‘96. My brother used to listen to jungle when he was younger back in ‘93 but I was too young to understand it. At about the age of 13 I bought my first pair of decks and I've never turned back since. I look up to a lot of people in the scene but I’d say the people that I aspire to the most are the same as I did when I was just getting into it

How does it feel to be working with Program? Do you feel a level of expectation considering the lineage RAM has?
It’s incredible to have been picked up by them. I feel privileged that a label that I've been following for more than half my life has expressed their interest in my music. The standard of production from them is at the very top so it has given me the inspiration to further push my sound and technique. Some would say it might be quite daunting but I always try to think positive and make sure I'm constantly pushing myself to get the best possible result.

Frankee – FABRICLIVE x Program Mix

Wilkinson - Direction - Ram
>>> Frankee - Pandorum - Program
Kasra & Enei - So real (Mefjus remix) - Critical
>>> Spor - Resolute - Subtitles
Audio & Meth - Alone - Program
>>> Die - Something special - V Recordings
Kolectiv - Dog pad (Zero T remix) - Scientia
Eastcolurs - Murderer - Program
>>> Ed rush & Optical - Compound - Virus
Rene la vice - Perfect world - Ram
>>> Chase & Status - Ten tonne - Renegade Hardware
Bladerunner - Late night - Program
Chroma - So alone - Program
Frankee - Harlequin - Program
Survival & Witness - Touch response - Dispatch
>>> P-funk - P-funk era - Frontline
Chroma - Haunted dancehall - Dub
Memro - Droplets - Proximity
Audio - Headroom - Virus
>>> Calibre - Waiting
Stealth & Stylus - Dire Straights - Subtitles
Hyroglifics - Soundboy - Proximity
Ulterior motive & Hybris - Bring out - Subtitles
Basher & Frankee - Reminisce - Dub

Catch Frankee playing in the Program hosted Room Three on the 1st February at Ram.

Friday 1st February